What Is SEO Consulting? 5 Signs It’s Time to Hire an SEO Consultant



What Is SEO Consulting? 5 Signs It’s Time to Hire an SEO Consultantd-tags
07 November 2023
SEO is complicated, but crucial in terms of making your website and products visible. Yet, sometimes you are simply restricted by your resources, and cannot commit to a full SEO process. In such cases, there is a solution - SEO consulting services. What are they, and when do you need them? Find out below!



What Is SEO Consulting?

Let’s start with explaining what SEO consulting services are. They’re often described as an alternative to a SEO audit, and there’s a lot of truth in that. In general, SEO consultations are a form of dialogue between you and a SEO agency, where the latter tries to understand your business goals, needs and analyzes your website in terms of search engine optimization.

SEO consulting can be conducted in various shapes and forms, depending on your needs and current situation. You can expect, among others:

  • Q&A sessions
  • Simplified live SEO audit
  • Conducting keyword researches
  • Content analysis

Usually, SEO consulting is more than just a call, as in most cases it’s impossible to gain a deep insight right away. This is why, this process is frequently accompanied by follow-up analyses and researches.

How Does SEO Consulting Work?

You’ve got a grasp of what SEO consulting services are, so now let’s take a look in more detail.

The starting point should always be a call or a conversation. This lets you present your expectations, aims and SEO issues that occur on your website to us, so that we can align our strategy to your business goals. It’s also a great moment for us to explain what SEO is and how it works if you feel that you need this knowledge.

The call is crucial for us, as usually the main challenge in SEO consulting is understanding what problems we need to deal with. Only then we can proceed with preparing analysis and recommendations – ones that you will implement.

For me, it’s always important to talk and have an open approach to the client, while they usually prefer chatting and discussing over onsite.

Milena Fietko
Milena Fietko SEO Strategy Manager

What Is the Scope of SEO Consulting Services?

As we love to say in SEO…it depends. The range of aspects vary on your current needs, and may focus on:

  • The direction of your SEO efforts
  • Technical issues on your websites
  • Technical SEO challenges
  • Link building
  • Content
  • Data setup/configuration
  • Analytics

We need to mention here that SEO consulting is all about analyzing and strategizing, not implementing. In simple words, you won’t see an increase in organic traffic after such services, but you will know what to do to attract more visitors to your website.

Who Should Be Involved in SEO Consulting?

You might be wondering who from your team should be involved in the call with a SEO specialist. There’s no one answer to this question: sometimes we talk with the owner, at other times we meet the marketing rep or the developer. But, in all cases, it’s crucial to adjust the communication style to the speaker.

A developer has more technical knowledge, so it’s easier to discuss these issues with them. A marketing specialist will, on the other hand, be much more proficient in content. While we must adjust our communication to the person we talk with, you need to choose the right employee for such consulting – one the closest to the problems that we will be dealing with.

Why Do You Need SEO Consulting? 5 Signs Saying It’s the Option for Your Business

Knowing what SEO consulting services are all about, let’s focus on when and why do you need it. There are 5 signs indicating that it’s the right solution for your business. So, what are they?

  • There’s not much knowledge of SEO in your teams – SEO is the cornerstone of digital marketing – even the best content won’t do the trick if nobody reads it right? This is why you need to have a SEO-oriented team, knowing at least the basics of attracting organic traffic onto your website. If you feel that there’s a huge knowledge gap in your business, opt for SEO consulting – we’ll share our knowledge with you and help you build a SEO-aware marketing team.
  • Your business has insufficient resources for a full SEO process – If you feel that your SEO needs a boost, yet you lack the resources to commit to a regular cooperation with us, this means that SEO consulting might be the option for you. You won’t pay an arm and a leg, but you’ll get to know what you need to change in terms of SEO. Plus, it’s a great starting point for a one-off SEO project.
  • You’ve been penalized by Google – Perhaps your website attracted organic traffic before, but dropped in SERPs after the September 2023 Helpful Content Update? In such case, SEO consulting is exactly what you need. You’ll learn how to get back to the precious #1 ranks without accidentally causing even more damage, and you’ll be prepared to conduct your future efforts.
  • Your traffic isn’t growing – If the traffic to your website isn’t going up, or worse, is going down, this means that something is preventing it from growing. Through SEO consulting, you will identify the problems and learn how to battle them.
  • You need a boost in a particular SEO aspect – Search engine optimization is a broad set of actions. Link building, technical elements, content planning and creation – it’s difficult to handle all of these at once. If you believe that your business is doing good in some SEO elements, but needs some help with other, e.g. content planning, you should try SEO consulting services. This way, you won’t have to hire a full-time specialist to polish each aspect of your site’s optimization.

The Takeaway

So, let’s sum it up: what is SEO consulting services and why do you need it?

It’s a service focusing on explaining SEO, finding issues on your website and preparing recommendations that will stimulate your organic traffic growth. If you feel that your traffic is stagnant, your ranks dropped after an update or your team simply lacks proficiency in SEO, it’s the right choice for you. You’re convinced? Then contact us and book a consultation with one of our SEO specialists!

Adrian Mrozowski

Junior Content Specialist

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What Are the Costs of SEO Consulting Services?

At Delante, our rates vary depending on the specialist that you want to work with, starting with €100 per hour.

Who Is SEO Consulting for?

Businesses which can’t afford a full SEO process, website owners who have experienced a drop in SERPs after the last Google updates, companies in which marketing teams lack SEO knowledge and organizations which see a drop in their organic traffic will all benefit from professional SEO consultations.

What Does SEO Consulting Look Like?

First, you meet our specialist on a call, where they will listen to you and try to identify the problems that haunt your website. This might be done in a form of a Q&A session, chat, or even a short, simplified live SEO audit.

After the consultation, we conduct additional analyses and researches to provide you with the most accurate recommendations for your website.

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