Keyword Stuffing

What is Keyword Stuffing? – Definition

Keyword stuffing is an unethical method of improving the visibility of a website, which is considered to be one of the Black Hat SEO practices. It consists of loading a website with unnatural and excessive keywords appearing in content and the HTML code of a given page.

Keyword stuffing involves the repetition of phrases corresponding most closely to a website. One of the most common practices is to insert them as in the invisible text, e.g. white letters on a white background, or to introduce them into Tooltip – a comment that appears when you hover over the selected element.

What is Keyword Stuffing? Definition

How Does Keyword Stuffing Affect a Website?

This technique had been effective until Google introduced the Panda algorithm. Since 2011, the search engine has been penalizing sites that carry out spam activities. A website employing the keyword stuffing method must, therefore, consider the consequences of such actions. A website on which spam activities are detected may be penalized or even banned by Google. To avoid the search engine penalty, be sure to keep the keyword density of a page between 2-5%.

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