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Client Goals


1. Building up visibility

The client’s goal was quite ambitious – get the visibility increased within just 3 months. The client operates in the highly competitive coffee industry. However, that didn’t mean achieving visibility growth in such a short time was off the table.


Higher conversion rates and more sales

Becoming more visible to the target audience, which primarily consists of coffee lovers, was the first milestone that was supposed to pave the way for achieving another goal – higher conversion rates and more sales. This was something we were supposed to deliver within 6 months from the day we started our collaboration with Kelleran Coffee.

About Kelleran Coffee

We have been working with Kelleran Coffee since March 2022. The collaboration is marked by a high level of trust from the client.

We have the freedom to implement changes on the website, significantly expediting the entire process and achieving desired results. When we began working together with the roastery, the client had a modest product range, limited to their own brand. In contrast, their competitors operated on a broader scale. Many coffee roasters and coffeehouses not only featured their own goods but also offered popular products from various manufacturers.

In developing an SEO strategy for Kelleran Coffee, we also had to consider the seasonality factor. As illustrated in the chart below, the client experiences the highest website traffic around the Christmas holiday season.

sezonowość w sklepie Kelleran Coffee

Zespół SEO

I’m delighted with our collaboration with Kelleran Coffee. I demonstrated to them the value of investing time in SEO, and they put their trust in our approach. The results speak for themselves, showing that their trust was well-founded. Given this Krakow-based coffee roaster’s limited product range, we put the effort into local SEO. As it turned out, our meticulously planned SEO process, coupled with the content team support, delivered excellent outcomes pretty fast.

Przemek Jaskierski
Przemek Jaskierski Senior SEO Specialist

SEO Process

One of the first things we did at the beginning of our partnership was an SEO audit. In the meantime, we were running keyword analysis to identify the words the potential customers type into the search engine bar when looking for products offered by our client. This allowed us to tailor our SEO strategy accordingly to reach those prospects. We also set up analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, and verified the sitemap in GSC.

We always do everything we can to make sure each client of ours achieves the best possible business results through SEO. So, for Kelleran Coffee, we decided to focus on building the visibility of their products in local searches. Lots of coffee enthusiasts look for goods locally online, and this gives the online store a chance to improve its findability, and therefore be noticed more often than its competitors.

HomepageOptimization #1: Meta Data

The first thing we started working on was the homepage. This process was divided into two steps: improving metadata and content optimization.

we did it

The homepage is often the user’s first contact with a website. It’s where a website owner creates the first impression and captures the attention of prospects. When optimized properly, the homepage helps effectively present the brand, products, and content.

We kicked off by focusing on the metadata.

The homepage title was definitely way too short, which is why the website wasn’t appearing in the search results when the prospects were looking for coffeehouses and roasters in Kraków. Since we particularly aimed at promoting the company locally in Kraków, we selected the most relevant keywords to later use them for homepage optimization.

The meta description wasn’t properly formulated either. Truth be told, it was an exact copy of the page title.

meta dane przed

[EN] Kelleran Coffee Roastery

In summary, the homepage metadata wasn’t appealing to the target audience searching for a coffee bean roastery and coffeehouse. It didn’t quite do its main job – enticing searchers to click on the result.

Now, after introducing the changes to the metadata, the page title and meta description are more enticing and encourage users to click on the search result.

meta dane po zmianach

[EN] Coffee Roastery. Coffee Shop in Kraków – Kalleran; KELLERAN roastery in Kraków roasts high-quality beans sourced from the best coffee plantations worldwide. Get your bag of coffee today!

Homepage Optimization # 2: Content & Heading Structure

The homepage didn’t feature any description or written content. Not having any text on the homepage is considered unfavorable from the perspective of search engine optimization.

we did it

The description on the homepage is a perfect place to include important business-related keywords. When grouped under corresponding headings, it all contributes to the homepage’s visibility in search results, bringing in more organic traffic.

Here’s an excerpt of the web content that we prepared for the Kelleran roastery homepage:
treść na stronie głównej

As shown above, we made sure to not just embolden the most important keywords but also seamlessly weave them into the text. This way, users can easily learn crucial details about the company and its product range from the description.

The heading structure also required basic modification. As shown in the image below, there were too many first-level headings (H1):

nagłówki przed zmianą

[EN] We roast only arabica beans Recommended products

According to SEO best practices, it’s recommended to have only one H1 header per page. So, we redesigned the heading structure, making sure to incorporate the relevant keywords whenever it was possible.

nagłówki po zmianie

KELLERAN Roastery in Kraków H2: Let’s get to know each other H3: Coffee roasting processes H3: Freshness H3: The best types of arabica coffee beans H3: Mission H2: Coffee shop in Kraków you’ll fall in love with H3: Guatemala for Aeropress or Nicaragua for an espresso machine? H2: Why is our coffee shop perfect for you? H3: Something not just for the coffee lovers…

This is just a snippet of the homepage heading structure. However, it shows that the headings are now well-organized and that the keywords used in most headings are the very phrases the website is supposed to rank for in search engines.

It’s important to mention that the content management system the Kelleran website is built on, which is Shopper, automatically sets H3 to category pages.

There was yet another thing that the client’s homepage would benefit from, and that was…

New Arrivals & Special Offers

Before our collaboration, Kelleran Coffee’s homepage didn’t have any elements presenting new arrivals, bestsellers, or special offers.

By making discounted and new products prominent on the homepage, users are more willing to make a purchase. This also contributes to the overall user-friendliness of the website.

Additionally, customers may be more likely to return to the website if they see that the roastery regularly provides them with valuable information and special offers.

nowości i bestsellery

Making URLs More SEO-Friendly

With the homepage all set, we could move on with technical SEO and focus our attention on another extremely important element that enhances the overall website SEO performance – the URLs.

we did it

Search engines consider URLs as an important factor for a page’s position in search results. Using consistent lowercase letters in page addresses makes it easier for both users and search engines to understand the structure and content of a given page.

The URLs didn’t have a unified structure. Some of them were made up of various characters, including upper and lower case letters, just like in the example below:
struktura URL przed

We standardized the URL structure and provided guidelines to the client on how to create SEO-friednly URLs for new products.

Modifying the Website Template for Optimal Mobile Devices

Our audit also revealed that Kelleran Coffee’s website wasn’t optimized for mobile devices. It goes without saying that handling this issue was one of our top properties.

we did it

More and more people are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to browse the internet. A website optimized for mobile devices provides a better user experience, and search engines like Google consider mobile device compatibility of a website as a ranking factor.

Before we started adapting the website so that users could interact with it on small screens effortlessly:
● the website wasn’t displayed properly
● the order of displayed elements was inaccurate
● some images were too large and therefore occupied most of the screen

strona mobilna przed zmianami

We changed the template, adjusting all formats to meet mobile device requirements. This enhancement improved the user experience and positively impacted one of the important SEO ranking factors, which is mobile responsiveness.

Category Pagei Optimization

After working on the mobile version of the client’s website to be more SEO- and user-friendly, we went deeper, optimizing the lower-level pages, specifically the category pages.

we did it

Optimizing category pages, which contain specific topics or a group of products/services, significantly contributes to better performance in search results. By choosing appropriate keywords and publishing relevant content on the category pages, a website can achieve improved visibility in search results.

Similar to the homepage, we broke down the optimization of category pages into two stages: metadata and content optimization.

Meta data

The categories on Kelleran Coffee Roastery’s website had short and unoptimized titles and meta descriptions. This made it difficult for Google’s bots to recognize what was in each category and for which keywords they should appear in search results.

Title: Coffee – Kelleran Coffee Roastery

Meta description: a list of products in the “Coffee” category / Store

We modified the page titles mostly by elaborating on what they were about. Our two goals were to convince the potential customers to click on the search result and help Google bots understand the contents of a given page. This is what we came up with:

Title: Coffee Beans 100% Arabica Freshly Roasted ☕️ | Kelleran Coffee Store

Meta description: The store sells ground coffee as well as freshly roasted whole coffee beans for espresso and other brewing methods. Check out all of the coffee we have in store for you!

Page Content

We also published content on all category pages. Each piece was optimized for search engines in order to send a clear message to the bots about the contents of a given category. Additionally, we made sure the texts addressed the most common questions that the client’s target audience had about that specific category.

treść na stronie kategorii

Product Pages Optimization

Once the category pages were handled, we took another step further, focusing our attention on the product pages to help them rank higher.

we did it

Optimizing product pages in online stores increases their visibility in search results, thereby raising the likelihood of attracting more potential customers and bolstering the chances of making more sales.

Our client’s website had an issue with product name duplication. To address this, we made changes to ensure each product has its own unique name. During this process, we also made sure to include the relevant keywords that were selected to help the client rank higher in the SERP.

Once we finished renaming the products available in the client’s online store, we moved on to rewriting the metadata for product pages. This is how they looked like this before:

Title: Water bottle ASOBU 460ml Kelleran Coffee Roastery

Meta description: Water bottle ASOBU 460ml in category

And this is how the same product appears in the SERP:


Asobu insulated bottle red 460ml | Kelleran Coffee Store

Meta description: In our store, you can find the Asobu red insulated water bottle. It ensures your drinks are stored at the perfect temperature.

Later, we added optimized product descriptions:

opis produktu Kelleran

Lastly, we reorganized the headings to make their structure SEO-friendly and include relevant keywords.

struktura nagłówków w Kelleran Coffee

Resizing the Images

To improve the overall website performance, we spent some time downsizing the images and graphics that exceeded 100kb. Some of them didn’t feature any alternative descriptions, so we added those for better accessibility.

we did it

Large images often slow down page loading, leading to a worse user experience. Alternative descriptions, in turn, help search engines understand the content of images and index them correctly. They are also used by screen readers, enabling visually impaired internet users to comprehend the contents of the graphics.

analiza zdjęć na stronie klienta

We prioritized the homepage and category pages, then moved on to product pages and other pages, including blog posts.

Blog Optimization

While the SEO Specialists were making the client’s website more friendly for search engines, the content team was working on the Kelleran Coffee’s blog.

Why[/colo-text] we did it

Blog optimization contributes to higher visibility of web content in search engine results, driving more organic traffic to a website. It helps the blog posts rank higher for relevant keywords, making them more discoverable by the target audience. Additionally, optimized blogs contribute to establishing a website as a reliable and authoritative source within a given industry.

Our strategy involved updating existing posts and creating completely new pieces of content that coffee lovers would appreciate. These optimizations led to high rankings for keywords frequently searched by the Kelleran’s target audience.

keywordy blog Kelleran

The SEO strategy for the client’s blog also included elements such as:

  • clickable table of contents
klikalne case study Kelleran

EN] Things you’ll know after reading the article: 1. How French Press works + the products you may need to brew coffee in it 2. French Press: Step-by-step brewing guide 3. French Press: Before you buy

  • FAQ section

FAQ Kelleran

[EN] What is French Press? What coffee beans are best for French Press brewing? How to pick the right French Press?

As shown in the graphs below, the blog optimizations contributed to increased website visibility:

wzrost widoczności wpisu blogowego

widoczność wpisów

Off-Site Process

Before we teamed up, the client’s website was getting around 143 visits, and it was only showing up for about 123 keywords.

ahrefs przed

EN] Organic keywords 123 Organic traffic 143

We started our link building strategy by carefully selecting websites that are are connected with coffee and match the Kelleran Coffee’s nature of a business.

Afterward, we thoroughly checked if the client had accounts on various platforms, including social media, marketplaces, and business directories. The next step in our strategy was creating a few high-quality backlinks each month, placed exclusively on reputable websites.

In addition to acquiring backlinks, we took steps to boost visibility and generate traffic through sponsored publications. Every month, we pick websites with higher metrics than the client’s website.

Thanks to our link-building efforts, the website noticed a significant increase in organic traffic (now over 1000 visits) and visibility for over 800 keywords.

ahrefs teraz

wzrost liczby odsyłających do strony domen

SEO Process Results

We achieved the goals our client set at the start of our partnership. Within 3 months of search engine optimization, the website recorded a significant boost in visibility, and by the 6-month mark, sales were on the upswing.

Crucial business-related keywords are currently ranked 2nd in search results.

słowa kluczowe Kelleran

As shown in the Senuto tool, the website’s visibility has shot up significantly:

widoczność Senuto

As shown in the Senuto tool, the website’s visibility has shot up significantly:

semstorm przed

semstorm po

Impressions have increased by 169,1% within the last year:

przychody organiczne Kelleran

The income from organic web traffic went up by 34% compared to the previous year:

zmiana przychodów

Kelleran Coffee roastery is now showing up in local searches, which was one of our main goals:

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