Does Cloud Hosting Affect SEO?



Does Cloud Hosting Affect SEO?
22 June 2022
Although the vast majority of clients contact us once their website is ready and running, it’s a good idea to start thinking about SEO at the stage of page development. Elements such as domain name, or website hosting can have an important impact on the successfulness of your future site and its potential positions in the search results. What is a cloud server and does cloud hosting affect SEO? Keep reading to learn more!



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What Is a Cloud Server?

So, what is a cloud server?A cloud server is an advanced physical or virtual infrastructure that stores applications and processed information. It's created using virtualization software that segments a completely software-free physical server into multiple virtual servers. More and more organizations use the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model to handle workloads and store information. This allows them to access virtual server functions remotely by using an online interface.

How Does a Cloud Server Work?

A cloud server stores applications and websites on servers in the cloud, where they're made available to users. Contrary to traditional hosting, these solutions aren't implemented on individual servers. What does it mean? Applications and websites are stored in a network of interconnected virtual and physical servers in the cloud. This makes them more flexible and scalable.

What Is the Difference Between Server and Cloud?

Are you wondering whether there is any difference between servers and clouds? Well, there are a few:
  • The cloud can be activated instantly, whereas the server requires about 24-hour waiting.
  • The cloud is incredibly flexible and allows you to easily modify RAM, CPU, or HDD. On the other hand, traditional servers can be expanded only by increasing the amount of HDD and RAM.
  • Traditional servers frequently generate extra costs, as you have to predict the power you’ll need in the future. If you don’t use this power, it’ll generate costs without giving you any benefits. Since a cloud server is more flexible, you don’t have to worry about such situations.
  • If you use a cloud server, you can easily protect your data by making a traditional backup or snapshot that can only be used in the cloud.
  • You can dynamically split the resources of the cloud according to your needs.
  • When you use a traditional server, you pay a fixed subscription fee each month, regardless of the resources used. On the other hand, being a cloud user you pay only for what you use, as the cloud is scaled according to your needs.
These are only some differences. Check out the official website of Cloudways which offers cloud hosting and is a valuable source of information about this service.

How Does Cloud Hosting Affect SEO?

Since you know what cloud hosting is, it’s time to talk about its impact on SEO. Well, it turns out that the selection of an appropriate cloud server can influence your future positions in the search results. This decision has a crucial impact on server response time, which translates into website loading time. As you probably know, page loading speed is an important Google ranking factor in 2022 and it has a decisive impact on UX. After all, users get impatient rather quickly and will surely leave your site if it continues to load for more than 2 or 3 seconds. So, does cloud hosting affect SEO? Yes, it does! It can support your technical SEO activities in multiple ways. Keep reading to learn more.

Increased Reliability

To start with, it’s worth mentioning that cloud servers are much more reliable than traditional solutions. It turns out they don’t fail so frequently, moreover, since your data is stored on multiple servers, it’s safer and can be easily accessed. Apart from that, a cloud server can significantly improve your page’s uptime, as traditional servers frequently go down. If you use a cloud server, users can still access your page from multiple servers, even if one or two of them don’t work properly. It’s a crucial advantage that makes this solution stand out from the crowd. Why? Because Google doesn’t like websites that are often down and tends to rank them in lower positions.
Want to learn more? Check out our entry: How does website downtime affect SEO?

Increased Page Loading Speed

Page loading speed is an indicator of how fast your website will load. In other words - how long the user will wait for the content to be displayed. The faster the page load time, the better. Website loading time has a direct impact on SEO. In the official statement published by Google we can read that:
Speeding up websites is important—not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users and we've seen in our internal studies that when a site responds slowly, visitors spend less time there.
So, what’s the connection between page speed and server? Cloud hosting can significantly increase your page loading speed as it uses a content delivery network (CDN). This has a positive impact on both SEO and UX (remember that users don’t like to wait, and will certainly leave your page if the content isn’t displayed to them right away).
Want to learn more about website speed importance in SEO? Check our entry!

Better Hosting Location

You should keep in mind that website hosting isn’t entirely digital and involves physical servers that are placed in real locations. When determining the SERPs that should be displayed to specific users, Google shows websites that are hosted closer to them higher. What does it mean in real life? If your server is far away from the user, your page may not be displayed high, even if it complies with all the ranking factors, and corresponds to the query. Cloud hosting solves this problem, as it stores websites on multiple servers across multiple locations. Thanks to it, page owners don’t have to buy a few domains to appear in the search results more frequently. increase organic traffic with seo

Better Mobile-Friendliness

Since more and more users browse the net on mobile devices, Google likes pages that are responsive and look well on smartphones and tablets. Mobile-friendliness is one of the ranking factors that became incredibly popular after the June 2019 Core Update, when Google announced it would be paying even more attention to mobile-friendly websites. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out our article: Mobile First index – what is it and how does it affect SEO? So, what’s the connection between cloud servers and mobile friendliness? Well, the vast majority of cloud hosting providers offer advanced mobile analytics that can give you valuable insights into your website parameters such as its mobile layout. It’s a noteworthy source of information that can help you improve your page and make it more mobile-friendly.

Improved Security

Our last point will refer to improved security. It turns out that cloud hostings and servers are simply safer. They usually offer a wide range of tools, and software that make it possible to prevent bots from infesting your comment sections or duplicating your content. Although these elements may seem insignificant at the first glance, it’s worth mentioning that such malicious actions can hurt your rankings. If you select a cloud server, your page will be properly protected which will have a positive impact on SEO. Apart from that, with cloud hosting, you can sleep soundly knowing that your site data and users’ personal information is secure.

Cloud Hosting and SEO - The Takeaway

As you can see, cloud hosting has a positive impact on SEO. Although on-site and off-site activities have a crucial influence on your positions in the SERPs, everything starts with website development. Therefore, it’s worth doing it right and choosing hosting providers that can protect your data, improve page loading, and make your site more mobile-friendly. Need help evaluating your website’s SEO condition? Choose our consultations and find out what will make Google love your page!
Kasia Smoleń

Junior SEO Specialist

Kasia Smoleń

Junior SEO Specialist

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