English SEO from Poland. To Do or Not to Do, That Is the Question



English SEO from Poland. To Do or Not to Do, That Is the Question
29 January 2023
What is SEO in English all about? What is the difference between Polish SEO and SEO in the UK? Why is it worth outsourcing international SEO to Polish companies and how to choose the best service provider? Let’s delve into this subject!



Table of Contents: One of the greatest merits of online marketing is the fact that it doesn’t care about boundaries. Any company can freely devise its campaign for international markets without leaving its Polish office. This gives huge possibilities, even to relatively small businesses. On the other hand, there are several elements, among which location is the key aspect that has to be taken into account if you want to ensure the success of your online marketing campaign. The list of important factors includes a thorough analysis of local search engine versions. Each of them has various requirements that affect the results of the English SEO process. So what should you know about the SEO industry in the UK which is considered to be one of the most challenging markets?

SEO in the UK - what to keep in mind?

You already know who is searching for your website online and what methods are used for this purpose. How to reach high Google positions to guarantee that your page is noticed by as many potential customers from the market as possible? What should proper SEO in England look like?

1. Website content vs. location

Adjust your website content to the location. Prices and shipping costs should be provided in pounds, all pieces of information need to be published and sent out in English. Select the right time zone to ensure that the clock on your website shows the correct time and the bot sends purchase confirmations with the correct date. A correctly optimized website should display relevant local addresses, phones and other contact details. british seo help

2. Linguistic correctness

SEO in the UK is different from SEO in the US. First of all, linguistically. British and American English differ in certain aspects noticeable by the British. Therefore, if you target your activities at the UK market, remember about appropriate spelling of certain words (e.g. write "honor" instead of "honor" or "through" instead of "thru").

3. Website optimization

A website not adapted to modern mobile devices, with incorrect code, interface that’s not transparent or with poor quality content, heavy graphics, and long loading time won’t be successful in any country and the UK isn’t an exception to the rule. Optimization of your company website should be the starting point of any SEO activities. seo for the uk market essentials

4. Local hosting in the UK

It’s beneficial for the Google rankings if your website address has a local IP, which means being hosted on a local server. This is how search engines geo-locate the site. Hosting your optimized page on a local server reduces the page load time and its response time. This, in turn, supports SEO by decreasing the bounce rate, which indicates the number of times a user, impatient with waiting, abandons the site. How to find proper hosting? The current guide and ranking presented by Techradar should help you with this task: Best web hosting services in the UK.

5. Local domain in the UK

A ccTLD (country-code top-level domain) means two letters after the dot in the name of your web address. In the UK market, .uk or co.uk would be the best choice. The .gb extension isn't actually used anymore. A well-suited domain will support the English SEO process performed from Poland by indicating the geolocation of potential recipients of your content and improving website positions in the indicated market. Thanks to having the .co.uk domain, Google will "recognize" it as directed at the UK market. However, it's also possible to manually enter this information in Google Search Console: seo in uk international targetting

6. External linking

Any SEO process, including doing SEO for the UK market, involves a necessity to build an external link database. When it comes to international SEO service, it’s important to make sure that links come also from local sites. One of the techniques advocated by SEO specialists involves adding entries to website directories. You can benefit from the UK directories, however, sometimes they might be quite costly. To access directories, check out the following lists:
SEO Specialist Comment
If you plan to go international, you need to remember that each and every market is different and unique – not only in terms of language differences. Take into consideration cultural diversities, habits, user needs, or methods of making purchasing decisions. Something that works well in one place may be a total disaster in the other. A thorough analysis of the target market and industry is the real key to effective SEO. The situation is no different in the case of the British market and we experienced it while working for Faretti, a manufacturer of elevator shoes for men. The SEO process required us to show quality research skills, to conduct a thorough analysis of the market and customer needs and, finally, to devise an accurate list of long-tail keywords based on the acquired data. As far as the Faretti website is concerned, we encountered a huge mistake that may have effectively hindered the process of building page traffic – inadequate units of measurement. The height of the shoe elevator was given in centimeters and as you probably know, Brits use inches. Therefore, we offered a modification that allowed us to increase the visibility of phrases related to the target units of measurement.
Milena Fietko Delante
Milena Fietko
Senior SEO Specialist

E-commerce in the UK - what should you know?

The UK e-commerce market is the third-largest in the world with a value of 70.4 billion GBP (7 times more than e-commerce in Poland!). According to experts, it’ll exceed 100 billion by 2024. 19% of all purchases in the UK are made online. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this number will certainly continue to increase.
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  1. What I personally see very often is when websites mix British English with American English. Not sure how brits react to companies that do that.

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