Erotic content in Google Ads. Policy Update

Erotic content in Google Ads. Policy Update

On March 29, 2021, Google Ads will update its policy that applies to advertising erotic content. What will change? Keep reading!

In late March this year, Google Ads is expected to update its policy regarding erotic content in order to restrict advertising of sexually explicit content (e.g. streamings and role-play games with sexual implications).

It’s important to mention that this kind of content will still be allowed, however, will be displayed on a limited basis.

The new policy will fully come into force after 4 weeks from 29th March 2021 (the date of policy update).

Erotic content in Google Ads – what will change?

The first thing that will change is how the content will be named – “ Sexual Content” instead of “Adult content”. There will also be a more detailed breakdown of the current categories (currently “Adult Content” and “Non-Family Safe” categories), and hence the redaction of the category titles, descriptions, and examples.

Sexual Content google Ads policy
Current (03.03.2021) categories in the Google ad policy applying to erotic content. Source: Google Advertising Policies

Updated Google Ads policy will be divided into two main categories:

  • strongly restricted,
  • moderately restricted.

The strongly restricted part will, among others, include nudity and sexual encounter dating – dating explicitly motivated by sexual encounters.

The moderately restricted category applies to partial nudity, sexualized theme dating, sexual merchandise, mature cosmetic procedures, and sexually suggestive elements/themes/entertainment. In the case of these categories, displaying ads will be based on certain conditions – i.e. users’ age or legal regulations that apply in a given country.

To get more details about the Google Ads policy update that applies to sexual content go to Google Advertising Policies Help. That’s where you will find all the descriptions and examples there.

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  1. Good to know. I hope there it won’t take its toll on the results of ads – the promotion in the erotic industry is already really tricky.

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