How to Get Users to Actually Read Your Blog?



How to Get Users to Actually Read Your Blog?
31 January 2020
Are you wondering how to encourage users to visit and read your blog regularly? Or maybe you’ve just launched a company blog and you don’t know how to attract the interest of your potential customers? Perhaps your blog has been operating for some time but you’d like to make it more appealing and up to date? In our today’s article you’ll find out what to do in order to inspire people to read your blog on a regular basis. Learn a few practical and proven methods.



Why is blogging a good idea?

Publishing blog posts on your company’s website is important not only for the company's marketing strategy but also for SEO. And now you may think - how is it possible that a company blog affects the SEO process of your website? Well, if your site provides more content, then it’s displayed on more keywords. Actually, it’s been known for a long time that more content equals better visibility in the Google search results. And you should definitely remember about it when creating your company blog. Furthermore, by publishing articles on specific subjects, you present yourself as an expert in a given field. Potential customers, who know that you’re well versed in particular industry sectors, will be encouraged by your entries and consequently, they’ll be more willing to take advantage of the services or products on your offer. However, if you’re still not convinced, check out our article discussing 9 reasons proving that it’s worth running a company blog.

Proven methods to make your blog more popular

The Internet is overloaded with tips and methods which will advise you how to make a company blog more attractive. Of course, some of them are more useful than the others. Below you can see our list of proven methods that will effectively entice users to regularly visit and read your company blog.

Quality blog posts

Although it shouldn’t be surprising to anyone, very often people wanting to increase the number of their blog posts fall into the trap of creating “worthless entries”. Remember that posting relevant, thought-out and carefully prepared articles will help you gain the trust of readers who will be happy to visit your website again. Respect the time of users. If you decide to use clickbaits in the titles of the blog posts, make sure that the content provides readers with information you’ve promised they would get. To sum up, valuable content is a must, don’t forget about it! To learn more about quality content, go to the Delante blog. If you’re just starting your adventure with blogging, read how to write valuable and engaging texts. Apart from quality content, you should also remember about all the SEO principles. Every blog post ought to be well optimized which means that it needs to have a proper heading structure, <strong> and <em> tags, internal linking, it should also be optimized for key phrases, tag title and meta description.

Introducing the author

Some people may not perceive it as very important. However, introducing the author of the entry increases the credibility of your blog. To some extent, it also contributes to creating a relationship with users who are able to learn something about the author of the article they’re reading. Another important aspect is to enable readers to add comments and rate blog entries.. company blog author

Layout that is pleasing to the eye

Apart from quality content, your blog should be also valuable in terms of aesthetics. Make sure that your blog’s layout is pleasing to the eye and transparent. Then, you’ll make a better impression on users who decide to read your entries. Blog posts should be arranged in the order of publication. It’s also important to ensure that every entry contains its date of publication. Google, similarly to users, pays attention to the topicality of blog posts and searches for the most up-to-date information by analyzing the dates when articles were published. Company blog - how to make users read

Blog posting frequency

Another important aspect we’ve already mentioned above is the frequency of publishing articles on your company blog. First of all, by writing new blog posts, you provide your site with new content, which as you know, is very important from the SEO point of view. Moreover, regular blogging helps to constantly update users with new and appealing pieces of information. Just remember to make sure your articles are valuable to the readers so that they provide them with specific content on topics they’re interested in.

Comments on other blogs

It’s a good idea to leave comments on other blogs which are thematically related to yours. However, it’s not enough to post a spam comment, you should somehow contribute to the discussion.

Guest blogging

Consider guest blogging, make sure that your entries provide sources and links to other articles. That will make your more noticeable online. It’s also possible that other bloggers will return the favor and link your articles on their blogs as well. While running your company blog, you should constantly search for new ways of informing users about your latest blog entries.

The power of social media

Hopefully, this point is self-explanatory. These days, social media are so powerful that they highly affect your brand recognition. If you want to make your blog more visible, publish posts which will inform users about your latest entries and encourage them to visit your company blog. The possibilities are endless! Apart from being active on social media platforms, you can also join Facebook or LinkedIn thematic groups or create your own community that will gather users interested in a given field. How to make people to read your blog - news social media

Reliable discussion forums

The Internet is full of forums discussing all possible topics. Look for ones that aren’t too spammed and whose users are active. You can use such forums to link to your blog, however, remember that apart from providing links, your comments should be valuable and they should contribute to the discussion.


RSS which stands for Really Simple Syndication is a tool that allows you to quickly subscribe to a specific blog. Nowadays, most websites and blogs have it implemented on their sites. If someone subscribed to your blog via email, then every time you publish a new blog post, such users will get an email telling them about it. It’s a very simple way to keep your readers informed about new entries.


Newsletters also matter. You can use them to inform readers about new blog posts and to encourage them to visit your site. However, remember that newsletters should be eye-catching and it’s essential that you send them regularly. On our blog you can find an article discussing how to write newsletters that won’t annoy users.

Regular blog updates

Updating your existing blog posts is equally important as publishing new ones. If your old articles are popular among users, you need to make sure that all the provided information, meaning elements such as specific data or links, is still relevant and works properly. Spend some time updating your entries. Moreover, it’s also a good idea to provide links to your older blog posts in the newest articles. Internal linking is one of the crucial elements of doing proper Google SEO.

To sum up

We hope that now you’re 100% sure that running a company blog is a key to success in the online world. You’re already aware why it’s essential to provide users with regular content and how to encourage them to visit and read your blog. But maybe you’ve other methods to get users to actually read your blog? If so, let us know in the comments below!


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