Google Algorithm Update — Core Update, March 2024



Google Algorithm Update — Core Update, March 2024
06 March 2024
On March 5, 2024, Google released another algorithm update and new spam regulations. What do these changes mean for you?



On Tuesday, March 5, 2024, Google announced the release of an algorithm update and the implementation of new rules regarding spam. The goal: improving the quality of search results. What does this mean for those using the Web, including SEO specialists?

Google Algorithm Update — Core Update, March 2024. What does it mean:

For the Users

Google wants to display less content designed to attract clicks and more content that is truly useful for the users. Thus, we should expect the results to be of a higher quality — or, at least, that’s what Google assumes will happen. The company estimates that the changes will reduce the amount of low-quality content in search results by 40%.

For Web Creators and SEO Specialists

Google’s algorithm update is focused on identifying useful content. Google claims that web creators do not need to take specific actions on the update as long as their content is user-oriented.
However, we should mention the new spam rules, which address practices such as:

  • Expired domain abuse – purchasing them to manipulate the search engine results;
  • Site reputation abuse – publishing third-party content under minimal supervision — this can hit PBNs or directories hard (as can the issue of expired domains, by the way);
  • Scaled content abuse – Google is aiming at the generation of vast amounts of unoriginal content in particular. The word “unoriginal” here is the key.

Does This Mean That Google Changes Its Approach to the Use of AI?

Google claims that:

Our long-standing spam policy has been that use of automation, including generative AI, is spam if the primary purpose is manipulating ranking in Search results. The updated policy is in the same spirit of our previous policy and based on the same principle.

When Does the New Spam Policy Go into Effect?

The new website reputation abuse policy will take effect on May 5, 2024.

Until then, you can prepare your site for the changes and implement new strategies. If you have been using the practices mentioned above, it may be high time to change your SEO methods.

Adrian Mrozowski

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