Google EAT Becomes EEAT – Experience Comes into Play

Google EAT Becomes EEAT – Experience Comes into Play
28 December 2022
Google added one more E to the EAT guidelines stating that experience will play a vital part in creating content. What does it mean for content creators and business owners who follow Google guidelines? Find out in our new article!

Google quality raters guidelines have been updated and EAT became EEAT – experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness will play a vital role in creating great content.

How to prepare for that update? What do you need to keep in mind the next time you plan your content? If you want your website to rank high you need to follow these guidelines and make Google love what you create.

Keep reading to find out more!

Why Did Google Update EAT Guidelines?

As we can read on the developer’s blog, Google decided that experience is an important element that should be considered when talking about helpful and valuable content. That’s why EAT has been expanded to EEAT and experience with a topic became a necessity:

Does content also demonstrate that it was produced with some degree of experience, such as with actual use of a product, having actually visited a place or communicating what a person experienced? There are some situations where really what you value most is content produced by someone who has first-hand, life experience on the topic at hand. – Google Guidelines

It’s especially important when it comes to certain aeries of life where experience is necessary to explain something in detail and provide the best experience for people in need of answers. Google says:

For example, if you’re looking for information on how to correctly fill out your tax returns, that’s probably a situation where you want to see content produced by an expert in the field of accounting. But if you’re looking for reviews of a tax preparation software, you might be looking for a different kind of information—maybe it’s a forum discussion from people who have experience with different services. – Google Guidelines

All in all, the message is clear – having experience within the field you want to publish content about is necessary to make Google fall in love with it and rank it high. We all would like to get answers from professionals in the field (not just random people), so that’s what you have to provide for your readers!

What Does it Mean for Business Owners?

If you’re running a blog on your website you need to make sure that articles are written by people who really know what they’re talking about. For the content to be truly valuable, make sure to work with experts in the field you’re operating in.

Google is really pushing the idea of helpful content, so to rank high in SERPs you need to follow its guidelines. Generic articles that bring no new information to the topic will not be considered worthy of high ranking. Users will simply not find them useful and Google knows it.

Are you afraid your content is not up to the newest Google standards? Don’t worry, you can leave it to professionals! Drop us a message and we will take care of creating great content for you!

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