How to Use AIDA Model for Better SEO

How to Use AIDA Model for Better SEO
15 July 2021
SEO can be a complicated process, where there are various technical aspects involved in optimizing your website ultimately appearing higher in search results. Keep reading & find out how to use the AIDA model in your search engine optimization strategy!
There are many different marketing flows and strategies that can cooperate with SEO, where following the best practices can deliver exceptional results. Executing the right SEO strategy requires a formulaic approach, where reaching the first page of the SERP can feel like an insurmountable task. SEO has expanded far beyond incorporating keywords in articles that engage the target demographic. Though this is a good way to go about things, it can be difficult to differentiate from the competition when everyone is doing the same thing. One way to gain a competitive edge is by leveraging the long-established AIDA model.

What is AIDA Model?

The AIDA Model is a marketing communication strategy that was introduced by American businessman E. St. Elmo in the late 19th century. His intention was to enhance the seller and buyer relationship by optimizing sales calls. AIDA is an acronym that stands for attention, interest, desire, and action. As a marketing model, it represents a description of the customer journey. The framew0rk can be leveraged to help businesses better communicate with clients.
As an evolving model that’s been adapted considerably to fit modern conventions, the principles of the model remain very much the same. Lewis drew on extensive experience to conceive a legacy strategy that’s even more relevant today than it was back then. The AIDA model can be utilized across various industries, where its best application is within the marketing and public relations space. The model is highly useful when applied to digital marketing, in a world where establishing lasting relationships with customers secured via effective communication has never been more important.

AIDA Marketing Model - Definition

aida model In today’s content-driven business world, you must capture the attention of customers and engage them sufficiently to encourage them to continue reading. Once you’ve got their attention, you can build their interest in your business offering by highlighting how your product or service can positively affect their everyday lives. The AIDA model acts as a guide for enhancing communication and increasing the probability a consumer is converted into a paying customer. In alignment with the principles of SEO, the model is designed to encourage customers to take favorable action as a result of experiencing a positive customer journey right up until the point of sale. Despite being designed far before the internet came into existence, the AIDA model is a perfect complement to SEO strategy, where the goals of both are essentially the same. With AIDA, business owners can seize the opportunity to get the customers they want. Awareness: Creating brand awareness to capture the attention of your audience. Interest: Promote the benefits of your product or service to generate sufficient interest that encourages prospective buyers to delve deeper. Desire: Forge an emotional connection with your clientele, highlighting the personality of your brand to evoke a desire for the consumer to want your product/service. Action: Encourage the buyer to take the steps to interact with your company, whether they do so via live chat, making a phone call, signing up to your newsletter, etc.

How Does it Work

Here is a practical example of the AIDA model in action, applied to a newly established company within the hairdressing space In the awareness stage, the company ran a PR campaign six months prior to launch, promoting awards, qualifications, stylists, and more. The company reinforced its exposure with a DM campaign aimed at targeted customer groups. Then comes the Interest when the company ran a direct mail campaign offering free consultations and haircuts. This was executed after conducting research that suggested female customers would be compelled to act on this offer. increase your visibility To address the desire stage the firm goes with another strategy. Before opening the new salon, representatives ran an exclusive event advertised through social media and local press. This created an exciting vibe around the opening of the salon, a buzz that incentivized locals to want an invite to the salon. Last but not least, time to address the action: CTAs were implemented where customers were encouraged to interact with the company via local advertising, Facebook, and the company’s website. These were implemented as a call to reserve, call to book, and call in to receive a discount respectively.

How to Use the AIDA Model in SEO

Despite being designed with the sales process in mind, the AIDA model is a great way to optimize your website. Its application to SEO can help you create a user-friendly website that ranks higher in Google. By following the right guidelines, you can develop a process that makes the AIDA model more effective, consequently boosting your SERP.

SEO and AIDA Model

When creating content for your website, it helps to use the conversion funnel to your advantage. This is an integral component of SEO strategy, especially when customers are at the top of the funnel and are uncertain about what they’re looking for. During the early stages of the customer journey, you can capitalize by producing engaging content that answers one of the many questions your leads are entering into search engines. The best approach is to create content around the product or service queries that are perplexing consumers. This is a great way to funnel the consumer down the AIDA marketing model while increasing brand awareness for future purchases. Addressing customer pain points is a great way to get traffic to your website. For example, a marketing car dealership looking to attract young drivers should increase its visibility for queries like ‘what is the safest car for a first-time driver?’, or ‘what is the best car for a young driver?’. By addressing these queries you’ll be tackling the awareness/informational aspect of the AIDA model.
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Longer-tailed content that speaks directly to the customer, addressing their specific needs, will provide a better user experience at the beginning of the customer journey. Your content hub should sit within your website and deliver easily accessible, authoritative content of genuine value to your audience. When users can easily access useful content that incorporates deep internal links, search engine bots will find it easier to crawl and index your content. A successful campaign that leverages the AIDA model effectively will result in your website ranking higher in Google for relevant search terms.


Applying an effective AIDA framework is a great way to thrive within the digital marketing space. In an age where retaining the attention of prospective customers is a vital way to encourage them to take action, AIDA is a useful way to engage consumers through compelling content in alignment with best SEO principles.
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