Not Sure How Your Video Performs on Search? Check the Latest GSC Upgrade – Video Indexing Report

Not Sure How Your Video Performs on Search? Check the Latest GSC Upgrade – Video Indexing Report
12 July 2022
Here comes some good news for everyone who uses videos on their websites. Thanks to the latest change in functionality added to Google Search Console, it is now possible to - among others - check why a video you uploaded to your site doesn’t bring you the traffic it deserves.

Feedback You Can Get From the Video Indexing Report

In other words, the video indexing report generated in GSC shows you how Google robots index the video content.

It also reveals the reasons why some videos can’t be indexed at all, thus losing the potential to reach a wider audience.

What are the most common reasons?

Issues That Prevent a Video From Being Indexed

To inspect whether the videos added to your website perform well, open GSC and go to the Coverage section (left navigation bar).

If the video is detected, the report will appear exactly in this place. Keep in mind that this update is still rolling out so you may not see this change just yet.

Apart from showing you the exact number of indexed and well-performing videos, the report also helps you identify the impediments that should be removed in order to get the video indexed properly.

These may be:

  • video being either too large or too small
  • lack of URL thumbnail
  • invalid video URL
  • unsupported or unknown video format
  • various thumbnail issues (specified in the report)

Having the clear guidelines set, you know which exact steps you need to take to help Google properly index the content you upload to your site.

Once it’s done, you significantly increase the chance of people finding the material you prepared for them, so that they can learn something from it or simply entertain themselves.

And the power of video content shouldn’t be neglected, especially now, when it’s enjoying enormous – and still growing! – popularity.

Since more and more people choose watching over reading, the websites featuring videos are simply more attractive, thus ranking higher and getting more traffic.

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