New CTA Function in Instagram Stories Ads



New CTA Function in Instagram Stories Ads
16 October 2023
Meta allows you to change the placement of the Call to Action message in Instagram Stories ads.



What Does the Update Change?

The functionality allows you to customize the default placement of the Call to Action message in the Instagram Story ad editor, so that it will not cover other important elements of the creative. The call to action button is now a sticker that can be allocated a custom position.

How to Change the Position of the Call to Action Sticker?

After posting your ad materials, go to edit your Instagram Stories ad. In the “Creative Tools” section, you will find settings for the Call to Action sticker, with the help of which it will be possible to move the message by the selected value – both vertically and horizontally.

Adjusting the default position of the call to action of an ad in a story on Instagram

Source: Facebook Ads

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