PPC Weekly News Review – #3 April 2024



PPC Weekly News Review – #3 April 2024d-tags
19 April 2024
See what's new in the world of PPC brought last week - definition change in Google Ads, key events and enhanced conversions in GA4!



Change in the Definition of “Top Ads”

Until now, ” Top ads” always displayed above the top organic result. However, this definition has now changed and “Top ads” do not have to be at the top at all anymore, but can be displayed below the top organic results.

What does this mean for you?

It means that now changes in the way ads are displayed can affect metrics related to the placement of your ads. For example, ads that have a 20% display share in search results now don’t have to be placed 20% of the time above organic results. They can also occupy positions below the organic results. As a result, you may have to charge a slightly higher bid to maintain the same visibility as before.

Unify Conversion Definitions in Google Ads and Google Analytics 4

Until now, events identified as conversions in Google Analytics 4 were measured in a slightly different way than conversions in Google Ads, leading to inconsistencies and discrepancies in the results obtained on the two platforms.

Google Analytics 4, in order to resolve this situation, changed the nomenclature. Now the most important events for a company, in GA4, are called “Key Events,” and the concept of “Conversions” which stands for an important action that plays an important role in analyzing the effectiveness and optimization of running advertising campaigns, will be dedicated only to Google Ads.

Key events in Google Analytics 4

source: Google Analytics 4 Panel

What does this mean for you?

With the change in both Google Ads and Google Analytics 4, there will be consistent performance data based on conversions, which will certainly make analysis easier and more intuitive.

Enhanced Conversions in Google Analytics 4

Within Google Analytics 4, it is now possible to activate enhanced conversions, making their measurement more accurate and promoting more effective bidding in Google Ads.

How do enhanced conversions work?

When a user converts on a website, information such as their email address, name, phone number or address will be obtained. This data, collected and sent in encrypted form to Google Ads as part of the user data collection process, will help improve conversion measurement.

What does this mean for you?

With more detailed data obtained on conversions, it will be possible to expand the reach of its attribution analysis across channels, which will significantly improve the evaluation of the effectiveness and optimization of each channel. Additionally, enhanced conversions are able to match own data with Google Ads data, filling in the gaps associated with Google Ads interactions.

You can read more about how to run enhanced conversions in Google Analytics 4 here.

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