Google Search Console Introduces Reviews Snippet Reporting

Google Search Console Introduces Reviews Snippet Reporting

If your website allows writing reviews and rating products or blog posts, you absolutely need to check out new reports available in Google Search Console.

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Google Search Console recently implemented a new report which can be particularly useful for websites which enable product or content reviewing and star ratings (see below our blog post 😉 ).

1. Enhancement report – review snippets

This report is at the disposal of websites which have implemented review and rating structured data. It’ll allow you to see a list of websites with both properly and incorrectly deployed elements. Moreover, it’ll also guide you through the error fixing process.

Enhancement report - review snippets

2. Performance report – review snippets

This report will show you the way the reviews of your website are displayed in the search results and in Discover results. Similarly to any performance report, you’ll be provided with pieces of information such as the number of impressions of your review snippet, how many times it’s been clicked on and what’s the CTR of a given search result.

To see the report, go to the filtering options: search appearance -> review snippet.

Performance report - review snippets

3. Reviews in rich results tests

The tool for testing rich results has also implemented reports for review snippets. Rich results tests allow you to quickly identify any website’s errors which are related to rich results.

Reviews in rich results tests

The new reports will certainly help you comprehend how rich snippets, meaning reviews and ratings, work. Moreover, thanks to the reports it’ll be easier for you to take advantage of review snippets so that they’re displayed in the search results and improve your CTR. For more information go to Google Support.

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