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Are you wondering what are the costs of doing SEO for your website? See what affects the SEO budget and check out the pricing offered by Delante.

Why is it worth investing in SEO?

Do you know that the percentage of Internet users increases every year? SEO is one of the methods to reach new recipients. Many potential customers search for information about products or services using search engines and SEO is a helpful solution that can support your online fight for new buyers and business promotion.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most common forms of online marketing. If you want to improve your website visibility, SEO can be your recipe for success. SEO is a continuous, long-term process, there’s no place for cutting corners. Diligent and consistent work can bring you numerous benefits, not only in terms of greater visibility and organic website traffic but also in terms of higher conversion rate.

The biggest advantage of SEO is that long-term work translates into long-lasting results. Of course, everything takes time (we’ll explain it later in more detail) but you can sleep soundly knowing that conducting SEO activities will bring you profitable results (especially when taking into consideration that your market rivals and Google algorithms are constantly developing).

Comparably higher ROI (return on investment) is another advantage of SEO. However, in this case you’ll also need to wait for first increases and satisfying results (from a few to several months). Nevertheless, the game is worth the candle. Your ROI will improve over time.

SEO brings numerous benefits such as developing your business, outdoing market rivals, getting to know the preferences of potential customers, positioning yourself as an expert, improving brand recognition or inspiring trust. Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

SEO Pricing - how much does the SEO process cost?

If you’ve already made up your mind and you want to invest in SEO, you’re probably wondering how much it will cost. So what’s the SEO pricing? It depends, there’s no one possible scenario for an SEO price.

It can be assumed that the SEO budget starts from 400-550 USD a month, however, we price each service individually, bearing in mind numerous factors such as current positions of phrases, online visibility of your market rivals or your domain history and authority. Consequently, it’s hard to give one fixed amount. Don’t forget that every customer, industry and website is different and requires different activities. Moreover, the SEO process involves numerous specialists and resources which translates into various costs.

If you want to find out what’s the cost of doing SEO for your website, get a free quote!

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SEO Budget - What affects SEO pricing?

Each SEO pricing is determined individually, we take into account numerous factors. Find out what elements have an impact on the SEO budget and what affects the costs of doing SEO.

Current website rankings

What are the current website positions for selected phrases?

Phrase competitiveness

How competitive and difficult are the selected phrases?


Is the industry demanding in terms of SEO?

Type of SEO

Do you want to do SEO for the whole website or only for selected phrases? What about long tail SEO?


What’s the intended country and market of your SEO activities? What’s the competitiveness in the selected area?

Domain history

What’s your domain history? Will it have a positive impact on the SEO process?

Website quality

What’s the quality of the website?

Market rivals

Are your market rivals active online? Do they benefit from SEO?

Expert comment

iWe fully realize that sometimes it’s hard to make up your mind and decide whether to invest in SEO or not. To make the right and responsible decision, you should determine and be able to openly talk about your expectations and objectives that are supposed to be achieved through SEO.i

SEO pricing is affected by numerous factors such as the industry you operate in, the competitiveness of your product range, activities of your market rivals, the current condition of the website or market you want to reach. Your (already mentioned) expectations also affect the costs. That’s why it’s so crucial to create an offer that takes into consideration all of the abovementioned elements. Only then, you’ll be able to see what’s the real price of doing SEO for your website and what measurable results can be achieved within the budget.i

Gosia Tarnawska Delante
Gosia Tarnawska
SEO Team Leader

SEO pricing - subscription business model

When discussing SEO pricing, it’s impossible not to mention available settlement methods – two most popular models include subscription (fixed, monthly amount paid regardless of the agency’s results) and performance-based SEO (the client pays only if the agency achieves the promised results).

At Delante, we charge our clients based on the subscription business model. Every month we also provide a comprehensive report where you can find the results of our work – it contains information about website traffic, page impressions in the search engine, phrase positions or performed SEO activities. We truly believe that transparency is the key to successful cooperation.

Why have we decided to choose the subscription business model?

Some time ago, performance-based SEO was the most popular settlement method, however, it’s not chosen so willingly anymore. It needs to be borne in mind that Google algorithms are constantly updated, search engine requirements change over time and it’s not possible to promise clients that they’ll reach specific positions in the SERPs and keep them forever. Website positions are affected by so many factors (including many elements SEO specialists don’t have any control over) that it’s beyond the bounds of possibility to guarantee that a given position is achievable.

Contrary to what you may think, performance-based SEO isn’t always the most lucrative option for the client. This SEO settlement method may encourage the use of dangerous and prohibited methods of the so-called black Hat SEO which help to quickly achieve the promised results. These may involve spam, keyword stuffing or text hiding. However, such actions can lead to a decrease in the website’s positions and in the most extreme cases, the page might be indexed out of the search results.

Remember that SEO takes time, effects won’t appear overnight and you need to be patient. However, if you follow the rules and principles determined by the search engine, you’ll enjoy more durable and long-lasting results of SEO activities.

Expert comment

When selecting an SEO agency, you may encounter various settlement methods. Although it’s not so popular anymore, you can still spot companies offering performance-based SEO in case of which you pay for reaching specific positions. Due to the fact that the search results are rapidly changing and the search engine is constantly updated, this solution isn’t the most beneficial. Another disadvantage of this model is that being ranked high for phrases that aren’t used by Internet users won’t bring you any benefits or traffic increase. Therefore, more and more frequently people go for the subscription business model where you pay a fixed amount a month for the work performed by the SEO agency. This work aims at improving traffic that is supposed to convert in the future.

Obviously, there are also hybrid settlement models where in addition to the subscription, you also have a success fee.

Gosia Tarnawska Delante
Gosia Tarnawska
SEO Team Leader

SEO pricing - budget distrubution

SEO pricing is determined by a few elements and its distribution varies depending on the needs of a given site. It’s established at the beginning of cooperation, but what’s more important, it’s extremely flexible and can change over months, depending on the website’s requirements. To see exemplary SEO budget distribution in the 1st and 3rd month of cooperation, go to the graph below.

It usually doesn’t differ drastically in the following months, however, as we’ve mentioned above, it can vary depending on the needs of the website and the way it responds to implemented modifications. That’s why your budget distribution may be completely different than the one illustrated below – it’s a totally individual issue.

1st month of cooperation:

SEO budget - first month of work

3rd month of cooperation:

SEO budget - third month of work

Very frequently, clients at Delante begin with a smaller budget and when they notice first satisfactory results of our activities, they decide to increase the budget. The higher the budget, and consequently, the more time we devote to the website, the faster you can observe the first results – an extremely low budget may not be enough to outdo your market rivals and reach better positions in the search results.

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SEO Pricing - what else affects the costs of doing SEO?

We offer comprehensive services – SEO pricing comprises various activities and work of specialists who cooperate with each other to succeed. Check out what else affects the final costs of SEO.

Audit Costs

Costs of on-site activities

Linking cost

Analytics cost

SEO Audit

Work of the specialist

Work of the specialist


450 – 1200 €
a one-time cost included in the budget
30 – 60 €
per hour of work
20 – 40 €
per hour of work
100 €
(costs for 1 client, f.ex.: Semstorm, Ahrefs, SERProbot)

Copywriting + proofreading

Directory listing

40 – 100 €
per articke
0 – 10 €
per entry

Translating (for international websites)

Buffer sites

20 – 200 €
per article
20 – 60 €

Web development

Publikacje sponsorowane

40 – 60 €
per hour of work
30 – 90 €
20 – 250 €
per entry

Used tools

At Delante we use only professional tools that improve our efficiency and help us systematically measure and analyse the effects of our SEO activities. These tools are also one of the elements that have an impact on the SEO pricing.

What SEO activities are performed within the budget?

Within the time frame prepared for your website, SEO specialists perform a lot of activities which are determined by current website needs. Therefore, these won’t always be direct on-site activities. Sometimes it turns out that a couple of hours spent to work with tools to analyze the results can be more valuable than any other steps.

When it comes to SEO activities performed within the budget, the list includes:

  • Technical website optimization,
  • Work on FTP,
  • Keyword analysis and determining the potential,
  • Website analysis with the use of external tools,
  • Website error monitoring,
  • Management of link-building and copywriting processes,
  • Competitor analysis (including link building),
  • Contact with the client (including education),
  • Reporting,
  • Preparation of recommendations (guidelines concerning suggested modifications).

Who else takes care of the website?

Of course, you’ll be in contact with the SEO specialist who will answer your questions and perform most of the activities. However, this isn’t the only person who will be taking care of your page. As we’ve already mentioned, SEO requires a lot of work. Apart from a dedicated specialist, your website will be supervised by a whole team of professionals, and each of them will be responsible for different processes:

Delante's structure SEO team

  • Head of SEM – supervises and supports SEO specialists in strategic decisions,
  • Junior specialist – helps SEO specialists with on-site activities and link building,
  • Copywriter – creates unique content published both on and outside the website,
  • Translator – if we’re dealing with an international or foreign website, a translator will provide appropriately translated texts and linking,
  • Web developer – assists the specialist in implementing more complex website modifications that require expertise,
  • Finance specialist – takes care of the client’s payments, issues invoices,
  • Marketing consultant – adjusts the scope of SEO activities to the client’s needs and negotiates the terms of the contract. If the client wants to expand the scope of activities or increase the budget, it’s best to contact the marketing consultant.

SEO process with Delante - what does it look like?

1. Keyword selection

The analysis of website traffic is the first step that enables devising an appropriate strategy. Then, we select the finest key phrases that help to improve conversion rate.

2. SEO audit

A comprehensive website audit takes into account all parameters affecting page positions in the search results and determines SEO needs.

3. Technical optimization

Technical optimizations are supposed to make it easier for Google robots to understand your website content.

4. Content creation

Creating content that contains local keywords and is used both on the website and in the link building process is another element aiming at improving website visibility.

5. Content optimization

Properly optimized content has a significant impact on the SEO process.

6. Quality link building

In link building, it’s essential to obtain quality and diversified links from valuable sources.

7. Analysis and reports

Website traffic analyses, the impact of SEO activities on sales and summarised lists of the performed activities are only some of the elements of our regular reports.

8. Consultations

Relationships with clients are our utmost priority, therefore, we’ll willingly discuss with you the audit, monthly report or current affairs.

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How long does it take to see first results?

SEO takes a lot of time, patience and hard work – satisfactory results won’t appear overnight. SEO is a continuous, long-term process which should be regular and consistent, it’s not a one-time activity.

Results of SEO

First results of SEO activities, namely increased website visibility in the search results, can usually be observed within the first 3 months of the SEO process. Over the following months, organic website traffic improves and then (from a few to several months from the start of the SEO process) you can observe first increases in sales. But! It’s crucial to keep in mind that in the case of some websites results are visible faster, whereas other pages need to wait a bit longer, there’s no one rule here. This may depend, among other things, on whether the traffic is built from scratch or whether we increase the one that already exists. Each page is different and it’s crucial to find your individual recipe for success – stay patient and wait for the results.

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SEO pricing - FAQ

SEO pricing is a very individual matter, there’s no one answer to this question. The cost of SEO activities is influenced by many factors, such as the client’s industry, domain history or competitiveness of a given market, therefore the costs of SEO activities are priced individually for each person.

If you want to find out what are the expected costs of doing SEO for your website or online store, get a free quote!!

When it comes to elements that affect SEO pricing, it’s possible to distinguish:

  • Client’s industry,
  • The competitiveness of the selected area or region,
  • Current website rankings,
  • Competitiveness of phrases,
  • Type of SEO (long tail SEO or SEO only for selected phrases),
  • Domain history and authority,
  • Online activity of your market rivals.

SEO budget includes numerous elements and its distribution depends mainly on the current website needs and its response to the performed activities – that’s why, the budget can change over months. We keep an eye on our clients’ websites and distribute the work so that the website gets what it needs in a given month. An exemplary SEO budget includes:

  • SEO audit (in the first month of cooperation),
  • On-site activities,
  • Off-site activities,
  • Analytics,
  • Copywriting,
  • Reports,
  • Contact with the client.

It’s worth noting that SEO pricing includes costs of hiring numerous specialists and tools used to monitor and analyze performed activities.

The most popular SEO settlement models offered by agencies are:

  • A monthly subscription business model,
  • Performance-based SEO,
  • A hybrid model (combining both of the abovementioned solutions).

In the past, performance-based SEO was the most frequently chosen settlement model. It meant that you would need to pay only if the agency achieved planned results. However, today this business model is replaced by the subscription which we also offer at Delante. Why?

Google algorithms and requirements are constantly changing, therefore, no specialist is able to promise you specific and permanent positions in the search results. What’s more, the desire to quickly reach top Google positions frequently entails using Black Hat SEO methods which aren’t in line with Google principles and can lead to a situation when your website position decreases or the page is indexed out of the SERPs.

Of course it is! SEO is currently one of the most popular forms of online advertising. Investing in this solution can bring you many benefits, including:

  • Increased website visibility in the search results,
  • Increased organic traffic to the site,
  • Improved conversion rate and sales,
  • A competitive advantage over your market rivals,
  • Improved brand recognition and trust in the company.