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10 June 2021
Creating an online store can seem like a daunting prospect, regardless of your level of expertise within the world of design. Let's explore applications that can enrich your PrestaShop-based e-commerce in an easy way. Keep reading!



Fortunately, services like PrestaShop are designed to guide you through the process, making it easy to fulfill your commercial ambitions. PrestaShop is a free open-source e-commerce platform that takes the legwork out of the design process, helping business merchants across the globe build comprehensive e-commerce websites with superior functionality. Having seamlessly designed the website of your dreams, PrestaShop’s intuitive interface makes it easy to manage and coordinate activities via your store. Additionally, there are several apps/add-ons which can heighten the user experience. By capitalizing on the range of add-ons at your leisure, you can boost your store, make your life easier, and ultimately secure a competitive advantage by providing a better consumer experience. But what are some of the best apps to use with PrestaShop?

10 Must-Have Apps Dedicated for Prestashop

Here are some of the best PrestaShop add-ons on the market:

WhatsApp Live Chat With Customers & WhatsApp Business Module

PrestaShop Extensions and applications for e-commerce The WhatsApp Live Chat With Customers & WhatsApp Business Module allows you to communicate directly with your customers, who will be able to contact you via WhatsApp directly from your shop. A fantastic tool for forging better business relationships, you can utilize this add-on to help visitors navigate your store in real-time. Your customers will never need your phone number, they can simply press the WhatsApp button on your website to immediately get in touch. The app is fully compatible with WhatsApp Business and serves as a fantastic way to stay connected with your customers.

E-commerce Native App for iOS & Android Module

E-commerce apps for PrestaShop In today’s digital society, consumers demand access to e-commerce stores via their mobile phones. Fortunately, this multilingual iOS & Android app enables customers to access your e-commerce store via an app on their phone. With advanced compatibility, customers can effortlessly browse all the categories within your store, pay for goods, and even receive push notifications to stay up-to-date with their orders. What’s great about this app is its tendency to increase sales, where you can stand out from the competition with an innovative tool that’s widely respected. You’ll get visibility on the Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore too, which alone will drive more customers to your business.

Cart Banner Module

If you’re looking to create a compelling banner to captivate your audience, the responsive Cart Banner Module is the perfect tool for creating a customizable banner for your shopping cart page. PrestaShop apps for e-commerce You can create something eye-catching yet functional, where you can alert visitors about delivery times, encourage them to add more to their baskets, promote an eco-responsible approach, and ultimately communicate promotions. You can customize the messages within your shopping cart banners, making it easier to communicate with customers and thus increase sales.

Touchize Commerce Module

With Swipe-2-Buy you can optimize mobile sales for smartphones and tablets. This add-on makes shopping easier and more enjoyable, where customers can enjoy a unique mobile shopping experience. swipe to buy PrestaShop application What’s best about the Touchize Commerce Module is its tendency to increase customer loyalty, where consumers are more likely to purchase from your store because of the faster, generally better experience on offer. Consumers can more easily put products in their shopping cart, where you can even add promotional banners that enable customers to drag products directly from your banner into their cart.

ShopiMind - Smart Marketing Multi-Channel Module

presta shop extension for e-commerce automation shopimind This e-marketing solution is dedicated to helping you get more customers, comprising a unique set of functionalities and features. Users can configure automated processes, send newsletters, cross-sell, and even bulk text. You can centralize your e-shop campaigns, choosing from a diverse range of communication channels to send messages. The advanced nature of this app allows you to send tailored messages to customers, who will benefit from a unique buying experience that’s customized based on their individual needs and requirements. You can consequently build a much closer relationship with your customers.

AMP - Accelerated Mobile Pages Module

amp prestashop app for e-commerce There’s nothing more frustrating than slow loading times these are known to turn customers away as they look for faster alternatives. With AMP, you can easily decrease the loading time of your webpage and reduce bounce rates on mobile devices. Your checkout will be configured through AMP too, alongside functionality that allows you to convert various pages into the AMP format. With faster loading times you’ll be much more likely to convert prospective leads into loyal customers.

Social Wall Feeds

PrestaShop product feed application Wouldn’t it be great if you could interact with your customers in real-time via your social media pages? Well, with Social Wall Feeds you can do just that, engage with customers in real-time to better build customer relationships and attend to queries. This module allows you to display the post feeds from your social sites via your website. You can easily encourage visitors to subscribe to your channels, with easy access that allows you to be more responsive to customer needs.

Mega Menu Premium

Mega Menu Premium enables users to design the most awesome menus imaginable. You can build countless menu templates to display on your store, which you can customize according to what best complements your design. PrestaShop based e-commerce optimization Create custom horizontal, drag and drop, and vertical menus, capturing stunning visual designs to capture the attention of your target audience. Menus can be designed to make it easier for customers to access desired products, and you can even highlight contact forms and discounted products to make your customer’s lives even easier.

JX Security Pack

watermark app for prestashop e-commerce JX Security Pack enhances the safety of your online store by configuring the best security settings available to you. This convenient app safeguards against vulnerabilities, protecting you from hackers, spammers, and harmful malware. This provides the ultimate reassurance for users who are concerned with privacy.

Social Network Pixels & Shop Feed Pro

If you’re looking to create dynamic Facebook retargeting/remarketing ads and export products to your Facebook store, the Social Network Pixels & Shop Feed will fulfill your requirements. It enables you to sell via your Facebook store, lure customers back with dynamic personalized ads, and even analyze customer behavior so you can better market to them.
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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Logo Delante

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

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