The Future of Conversation – What is Google LaMDA & How Will it Affect SEO?



The Future of Conversation – What is Google LaMDA & How Will it Affect SEO?d-tags
29 July 2022
With the technological revolutions of the day coming faster and faster to us, there’s no telling what the SEO landscape will look like in the future. Right now, after radically shaping how searches are performed, Google has spent vast amounts of effort with a new project.



Table of contents: Google LaMDA is a breakthrough in AI-generated conversation technology that understands natural speech and how to parse conversations. By doing so, they hope to achieve a new state of machine learning that will benefit everyone. But what is LaMDA? SEO operations may well benefit from new technology, but how do they interact with LaMDA SEO? This article will answer these questions and show you the new horizons of Google’s technology!

What Is Google LaMDA?

Simply put, LaMDA (or “Language Model for Dialogue Applications”) is a new language model for dialogue applications in order to better process and emulate human speech. [caption id="attachment_56132" align="aligncenter" width="720"]seo lamda Source:[/caption] It is a conversational model that understands the relationship between the words that are said and what could potentially come next. A comprehensive understanding of context and syntactical relationships is currently not a model that is available, but LaMDA hopes to change this.

What’s Unique About LaMDA?

With a focus on the ability to have unique, authentic conversations with human beings, LaMDA wants a user to feel as if they’re truly talking to another human being on the other end of a chat program. Dialogues between users will be on any topic imaginable and the program will be able to keep an open conversation about whatever is being discussed, offering a much more comprehensive conversational experience than other chatbots. [caption id="attachment_56123" align="aligncenter" width="1289"]lamda seo Source:[/caption] Google LaMDA is truly looking to do something new!

Key Goals of Google LaMDA

The LaMDA project is built on several foundational principles that are used to guide the project towards the end goals that Google has laid out for it. Language models are excellent at things like translation, a summary of long documentation, answering questions, or even parsing search text to find the optimal meaning of the search terms. Being able to understand how humans use language for their own ends is critical to opening up new vistas of technology. The objectives and metrics put out by Google for LaMDA are the following:


The quality metric has three sub-metrics attached to it for the LaMDA program. These are Sensibleness, Specificity, and Interestingness, all of which are evaluated by human raters.
  • Sensibleness relates to whether or not the responses of LaMDA make sense,
  • Specificity judges whether or not the response given to a human is specific to the context that preceded it,
  • Interestingness is given to responses that are unexpected, witty, or somehow insightful.
[caption id="attachment_56121" align="aligncenter" width="1287"]what is lamda seo Source:[/caption] Put together, these components generate excellent dialogue.


“Responsible AI” is an incredibly important aspect of the LaMDA program that Google takes very seriously. The safety objectives of the LaMDA program attempt to constrain the behavior of the bot to parameters determined by Google’s engineers, but include things like avoiding racism, inappropriate imagery, content, or profanity. Safety is a large concern for Google since the bot’s aim is to be a ubiquitous tool that everyone can use – discrimination involved with the bot is directly antithetical to its mission!


Finally, Groundedness is the ability to parse proper statements with proper information instead of providing information that could be faulty (yet contained in an otherwise coherent sentence that parses just fine). All responses from LaMDA will be supported by authoritative external sources which share claims about the external world. [caption id="attachment_56129" align="aligncenter" width="1287"]lamda seo goals Source:[/caption]

How Does LaMDA Work?

After being trained by various dataset studies, all consisting of massive amounts of dialogue and not just individual words, LaMDA is able to amalgamate and process natural dialogue and replicate it in an authentic way. After being trained on multiple databases, it is able to speak broadly about a wide variety of topics and interests and will make that knowledge known to the user! The ultimate goal for LaMDA is to make conversation with an AI as human-like as possible. This means that the vast depth of conversations available to it allows it to emulate human speech patterns.

How Is LaMDA Trained?

According to the Google AI Blog, there were two main stages for the LaMDA project. After the planning and objectives phase, the LaMDA Pre-Training sequence began. This sequence trained the AI with over 1.56 trillion words (which was nearly 40 times greater than previous dialogue models) from a wide variety of public dialogue and web documents. This database work built the foundation the LaMDA project was based on and allows it to be as comprehensive and realistic as possible. Secondly, the Fine-Tuning stage began after the database foundation was created. In this stage, LaMDA performed a mix of generative tasks to create natural-language responses to a wide variety of contexts and situations. [caption id="attachment_56125" align="aligncenter" width="1290"]google lamda test Comparing the pre-trained model (PT), fine-tuned model (LaMDA), and human-rater-generated dialogs (Human) across Sensibleness, Specificity, Interestingness, Safety, Groundedness, and Informativeness. Source:[/caption]

Will LaMDA Change SEO?

And so we come to the most important section of this article: will this breakthrough new AI technology have an effect on search engines? Will LaMDA SEO be the new barrier to meet? Will we have to answer, “what is LaMDA SEO?” when giving advice to entrepreneurs new to online optimization? LaMDA, by being able to parse intent and conversational text, may very well cause a shift in search behavior, including the way users initially search for products and information. LaMDA, with its deep knowledge of human conversation, will attempt to focus on understanding the intent of any given search. we know how to make your website load faster - contact us This means that making your content conversational, with a target audience in mind, will be much more critical in the future. Best practices right now all council creating the best content possible for humans, rather than search engines, and LaMDA will only make that more true. At the end of the day, LaMDA is a great example of Google’s attempt to make SEO all about the users. Tailoring your content to human beings, and not bots or algorithms, is – and always will be – the best way to optimize SEO. Following LaMDA’s guidelines for optimization will only benefit you with regard to this!

LaMDA Can Change Searching for the Better

SEO practices will always exist in some form as long as there are search engines to optimize. With LaMDA, an even ber push towards conversational tones and human-friendly content will be the future. SEO optimization will always have rules and guidelines to follow, but at the end of the day, you are attempting to attract human attention – not AI attention! LaMDA is here to change the way we search, but the human behind the monitor will always be what matters most. Need help with making your website user-friendly? Contact us! We know exactly how to satisfy both users and Google!
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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

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