WordPress 5.9 Introduces Innovations in Its New Software Update



WordPress 5.9 Introduces Innovations in Its New Software Update
11 February 2022
WordPress is an undoubtable tycoon on the CMS market. It has just released a new version of its software, namely WordPress 5.9, which offers many improvements.



WordPress has just released its update, WordPress 5.9, which offers various functionalities and refinements. The most important ones include:

Replacement of Code Elements with Ready-Made, Editable Themes

WordPress developers have created a ready-made block-based theme that allows users to modify the layout of elements within that theme. Until now, such changes were only possible when using the code. Compiling all settings in one theme gives endless possibilities to amateur web developers. The new block-based helps users choose and customize page layout schemes, fonts, and colors on the page. wordpress themes

The Possibility to Save Theme Changes for Specific Templates

This functionality helps to block the modification of specific blocks in the template. It allows users to prevent editing key elements on the subpage and helps editors freely create content. It's also possible to create a block and assign it to the gallery. Earlier versions offered the possibility to create templates, but the current solution is much more convenient and efficient.

New Default Template Called Twenty Twenty-Two

Every year, WordPress creates new, unique templates. However, this time users should be impressed not with a template, but with its functionalities. Together with a new editable template, WordPress introduced a few modifications to the user interface. There is also a new tool that allows users to better manage the topography of website elements. With this tool, the size of frames, spacing, and column layout won't be problematic anymore. The theme has been upgraded with a wider range of block patterns. Thanks to them, users won't have to waste time personalizing basic blocks to ensure that they meet their requirements. Instead, they can select ready-made solutions tailored to their needs. template twenty twenty two Note the modification of the list interface. The WordPress 5.9 version allows users to drag and drop items exactly where they plan to place the object. The section management navigation panel has also been improved and now it allows users to add HTML anchors.

Theme.json Supports Child Themes and Allows Users to Build Themes Without Having to Know the Code

Theme.json has a graphic interface that allows users to modify certain styles throughout the site. The feature can be found in the Styles tab, where users can change the color scheme, font, and overall layout of blocks for all subpages at the same time. WordPress has thus created a product perfect for people who don’t know anything about coding. Consequently, it has significantly expanded its target audience which will surely have a positive impact on its popularity among users. The new WordPress update equals lots of UX changes. While for some it can be a milestone in software development, for others, new functionalities mean simply easier work.
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