5 Unusual Ways to Get Links to Your Website [VIDEO]

5 Unusual Ways to Get Links to Your Website [VIDEO]
06 September 2023
Traditional link building strategies are well-known, so exploring unconventional methods can often yield surprising and valuable results. Delve into five distinctive approaches that can help you acquire links for your website in ways you might not have considered before!

Link building is an important part of strategy SEO and it really works. There are many ways to do link building, but today I’m going to tell you about five unusual ways to get links to your website.

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Link Building Strategy

Link building is an important part of SEO, but it might seem complex or difficult. Right now, Google is paying more attention to the quality of links than quantity, and a healthy backlink profile is important for your website’s visibility.

Setting a proper link building strategy is complicated, and I won’t cover the whole recipe in a few minutes, but I’ll share five unusual ways to get links for your website that can support the process.

Tip #1 Create Images and Optimize Them for SEO

The first tip I have for you is quite simple – create images and optimize them for SEO. You’d be surprised how many pages would link to a good-quality image they find on the internet. If you need a graph, instruction, or infographic, don’t just use things you can find on the Internet, make your own image and optimize it for SEO.

Use a proper name and alternative description. Index your images by creating a separate sitemap and uploading it to Google Search Console.

This way, your image can be visible online. Even if someone uses your image without linking, you’re still promoting your brand, just add a small logo to it. If someone uses your image without linking, upload it to Google Image Search to find where it’s used. Contact those pages and ask for credentials. They’ll likely link to your website since you created the image.

Tip #2 Outreach to Experts

The second tip is to use expert citations. Outreach to companies talking about relevant topics, build relationships, and share knowledge. Don’t just focus on getting a link. Use Help a Reporter Out (HARO) to connect with journalists and offer your expertise, potentially leading to links. It’s not easy to get a link through HARO though, as there are plenty of people sending their pitches.

But don’t give up because you might actually get it. Read the requirements carefully and answer only the questions included, so you improve your chances of being the chosen one.

Tip #3 Upload Presentations on SlideShare

The third tip is to use SlideShare to upload presentations. Link to your website within the presentation to get a valuable link and promote your brand.

SlideShare is quite popular among users who are searching for presentations and it is simply the first one that appears in the search results.

Tip #4 Share Your Knowledge

The fourth tip involves supporting colleges, universities, charities, and NGOs with your knowledge. Do you remember when you were at a university and some professionals were coming to your classes? How valuable their knowledge was? So now, you can give that knowledge back and again something for yourself.

Partner with them and request links from websites. This link will be very valuable, as Google sees those websites as authoritative and trustworthy.

Another opportunity is supporting charities or non-governmental organizations such as zoos or animal shelters. Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t like to adopt a cute penguin?

Again if you are doing these CSR activities make sure that these organizations are linking to you on their websites. It’s important that they not only mention you but add a direct link to your site.

Tip #4 Create Linkable Content

Last but not least, create linkable content. Quality content should be always your focus while writing but make sure it’s also linkable.

Write unique content that adds new perspectives, share case studies, and make your content trustworthy by linking to data. Ask experts for comments on your content to gain input and potential links from their social media.

If you know any more unusual link building tactics and want to share them, don’t hesitate to drop a comment below!

And if you want to learn more about link building and we can help your business, check out our link building services!

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