6 Ingenious Ideas for Optimizing Your Order Confirmation Page



6 Ingenious Ideas for Optimizing Your Order Confirmation Paged-tags
24 May 2024
Your online store's journey with a customer doesn't stop at the purchase! The order confirmation page is an ideal chance to build loyalty and keep customers engaged. Features like newsletter sign-ups, account registration, extra info, and promotions can strengthen your bond with them. See how to do it!



The order confirmation page is often an underrated part of the shopping process. Many business owners think that once a customer makes a purchase, there’s no need for further optimization. Nothing could be further from the truth! Don’t miss the opportunity to connect and build valuable relationships with people who are interested in your brand. By engaging them after the transaction is made, you avoid distracting them from their shopping.

A well-designed order confirmation page can significantly increase customer loyalty, improve UX, and even drive future sales. Read on to see six proven ways to turn a visitor into a loyal customer!

#1: Encourage Your Customers to Create an Account

Customers often want to complete their purchases quickly, so they might skip registering if the process seems long and tedious. Make it easy for them by encouraging registration to simplify future purchases! The order confirmation page is a great place to do this indirectly by offering a quick sign-up using the information they’ve already entered.

Since the customer has already provided their details, all they need to do is add a password to create an account. In this simple way, you lessen hesitation and save them time from filling out another form.

order confirmation page example

source: ingrid.com

During order confirmation, highlight the benefits of creating an account for your customers:

  • Save time because customers won’t have to re-enter their information for future purchases.
  • Track orders and view order history.
  • Loyalty programs to gain access to loyalty points and special discounts. By earning points with each purchase, customers can redeem them for free products or discounts on future orders.

#2: Suggest Newsletter Signup

Another great way to stay connected with customers on the order confirmation page is by inviting them to sign up for your newsletter. Info on new arrivals, promotions, and exclusive discounts can be found inviting and somehow tempting by customers who are eager to receive updates from your brand. And just like with account registration, if the customer has already entered their email, subscribing to the newsletter will only take a single click.

Including information about the newsletter after the transaction is completed won’t distract visitors from their shopping. Instead, it can encourage them to return to your website if the newsletter offers enticing benefits.
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#3: Show Them Details on the Shipping Progress

Customers value transparency and the ability to track their orders at every stage. That’s why, your order confirmation page should include detailed information about the delivery progress.

Elements to consider:

  • Order status that informs the buyer about the current status of their order (e.g., processing, shipped).
  • Estimated delivery date, which can be just an approximate date when the customer can expect delivery.
  • Interactive elements such as maps showing the shipment route or animations illustrating the steps of order fulfillment.
uber eats order confirmation page

source: yourgigeconomist.com

#4: Promote Discounts, Special Offers, and an App

The order confirmation page is also a wonderful place for you to promote extra deals and apps. Here, you can highlight the perks of using a mobile app, like offering exclusive discount codes available only through the app.

The order confirmation page is also a place where you can also encourage customers to follow your brand’s social media profiles. Again, showing this information to the buyers when they already ordered items from you won’t be a distraction at this point – actually, it can lead to even higher engagement.

5: Run a Survey

While surveys might not be the most exciting thing in the world for customers, they are undoubtedly a big thing for sellers. They help you gather feedback on the shopping experience, which later can inspire you to make needed improvements.

Just keep in mind, that a survey on the order confirmation page can be as simple as one question, answered with just one quick click.

It could be something like, “How did you hear about us?” or “How would you rate your shopping experience?” Do never make it complex or time-consuming. Instead, keep it uber simple to increase the likelihood of getting responses.

order confirmation page survey

source: baymard.com

#6: Add Cross-Selling

Adding cross-sell offers on the order confirmation page is a smart technique that makes your buyers spend more, increasing the order value. But you’ve got to be careful not to bombard customers with too many suggestions because this will only make them choose nothing.

Here’s how you can use cross-selling to your advantage:

  • Show only personalized picks, meaning recommend products that actually go with what your customers just bought.
  • Let your buyers know there’s a time limit on the offer, which can nudge them to buy sooner.
  • Make it simple for the customers to add more items to their order without re-entering payment and shipping info.
cross-selling example on Vans e-store at checkout

source: Vans

Before You Start Optimizing Your Order Confirmation Page

Do not forget the UX basics! Before including all the fancy features and add-ons, make sure you get the essentials right. Your order confirmation page needs to do its main job – confirming the order and giving all crucial info about it. So, what should you put there?

  • Payment confirmation – Make it clear that the payment went through. You can use stuff like checkboxes and green color to say, “We received your payment”
  • Order summary – List the items they ordered, how many, and how much they paid for each product.
  • Contact details – Show them how to reach customer service in case of issues.
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Summary: Order Confirmation Page Optimization

The order confirmation page isn’t just where customers find out their purchase went through. It’s a critical touchpoint that can be used to build relationships, boost sales, and improve the overall shopping experience. So, when you’re optimizing your order confirmation page, try to include:

  1. Encouragements for quick account registration
  2. Prompts to sign up for the newsletter
  3. Interactive and detailed shipping info
  4. Promotions, discount codes, and invites to download the mobile app
  5. Requests for quick surveys
  6. Cross-selling opportunities

Customizing these strategies to fit your business goals and regularly testing different ideas will help you maximize the benefits your order confirmation page has. Ultimately, you’ll increase customer engagement, improve user experience, and build long-lasting loyalty!

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