7 Top SEO Agencies You Should Consider Working With | Ranking |

7 Top SEO Agencies You Should Consider Working With | Ranking |
05 October 2022
No matter if you’ve just launched an eCommerce store or have been a website owner for some time now, you need to be likable and trustworthy for Google robots. Knowing some clever tricks and tips on search engine optimization is useful, sure, but is it enough to win you the top place in SERP?

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Whether we like it or not, the process of search engine optimization is a lengthy one. To make it even worse, Google changes the game rules constantly, introducing updates and new algorithms quite often.

Can you find time to keep up with all of that? Isn’t your calendar already busy enough?

That’s why you need a worthy partner – an SEO/SEM agency that will handle search engine optimization for you.

Below you will find a list of 7 top SEO agencies you may consider turning to. With their help, your online store or official website will get more organic traffic and provoke more conversions.

7 Top SEO Agencies You Should Consider Working With

1st place | Delante

delante logo

official website: delante.co

overall review rating: 5/5 (107 reviews) on Clutch

industry focus: eCommerce, business services, IT

established in: 2015

people on board: 51-100

Delante offers fully-customized SEO-improving strategies for all sorts of businesses. Apart from handling technical optimizations, doing thorough keyword research, and earning quality backlinks, the company also takes care of creating high-converting content for its clients.

Recognized as SEO Agency of the Year 2022 by Global Agency Awards, Delante handles both long-term and one-off projects – whichever suits their clients’ marketing strategy better.

There are no industries that Delante wouldn’t help to get on top of the SERP. They increase website ranks by mastering the art of increasing organic traffic – and they do so no matter the targeted audience or market.

Also, the company runs its own blog, sharing many white-hat SEO tips and tricks.

2nd place | Funnel Boost Media

fbm logo

official website: funnelboostmedia.net

overall review rating: 5/5 (35 reviews) on Clutch

industry focus: legal, medical, eCommerce

established in: 2012

people on board: 11-50

Apart from fixing their client websites’ meta descriptions, keywords, and loading speed, Funnel Boost Media also handles web design. They believe that filling landing pages with the latest design trends is what converts regular visitors into buying customers.

This Texas-based medium-size agency lends a helping hand to small, local businesses that struggle with getting their products and services visible in search results. Funnel Boost Media assists its clients with PPC, SEO, and social media.

3rd place | Sure Oak

sure oak logo

official website: sureoak.com

overall review rating: 5/5 (21 reviews) on Clutch

industry focus: eCommerce, business services, finance

established in: 2017

people on board: 11-50

Here is another agency that offers its expertise in technical SEO, on-page SEO, and content planning. One of the distinctive features of Sure Oak is the focus on their clients’ self-development. To accomplish that, the agency offers several free tools available on their website, so that entrepreneurs may try to introduce some improvements on their websites single-handedly.

Sure Oak’s offer is pretty wide, including some basic as well as more advanced solutions. They handle the paid search, paid social, edu link building, keyword research, and conversion rate optimization, to name just a few of their services.

4th place | Bliss Drive

bliss drive logo

official website: blissdrive.com

overall review rating: 4.9/5 (29 reviews) on Clutch

industry focus: business services, consumer products & services, education

established in: 2007

people on board: 11-50

As Bliss Drive puts it, their agency’s reputation depends on the results they are able to deliver. For this reason, they are committed to putting constant effort into each client’s case, to actually make their online business grow bigger.

Among Bliss Drive’s most-chosen services, there are competitive analysis, conversion rate optimization, web design, and pay-per-click. This American SEO agency is said to be mostly chosen by entrepreneurs who seek hussle-free cooperation.

5th place | Minty Digital

minty logo

official website: mintydigital.com

overall review rating: 4.9/5 (17 reviews) on Clutch

industry focus: business advertising, advertising & marketing

established in: 2015

people on board: 11-50

Located in sunny Barcelona, Minty Digital seems to be a good fit for those who want their website to get noticed. This SEO agency is made up of creative professionals, who combine their artistic talents with search engine optimization.

Apart from running standard SEO campaigns, Mint Digital also deals with developing content strategies and increasing its clients’ ROI through Google Ads. This young creative team helps others stay up-to-date by publishing marketing blog posts pretty regularly.

6th place | Big Leap

big leap logo

official website: bigleap.com

overall review rating: 4.8/5 (69 reviews) on Clutch

industry focus: consumer products & services, eCommerce, business services

established in: 2008

people on board: 51-100

Big Leap came into existence when the present CEO, Bryan Phelps, got fed up with the dishonesty of marketing agencies he used to be in contact with. He wanted to create a transparent SEO agency that always goes by the book.

Operating for a few long years, Big Leap has been expanding its offer steadily. Now, every business owner who looks for services like social media marketing, marketing automation, and paid advertising can contact this American agency for help.

7th place | Stellar SEO

stellar seo logo

official website: stellarseo.com

overall review rating: 5/5 (6 reviews) on Clutch

industry focus: legal, business services, eCommerce

established in: 2012

people on board: 101-200

One of Stellar SEO’s main objectives is to educate its clients about online marketing, including search engine optimization, of course. Thanks to the broad knowledge of SEO, this agency helped numerous entrepreneurs localize their websites’ weak points to later fix every single one of them.

This American SEO agency assists online business owners with increasing their website authority and improving ranks. To achieve this goal, Stellar SEO offers white-label link building and custom link outreach.

Get Yourself a Worthy SEO Partner

Sadly, building a website and getting it indexed by Google crawlers isn’t enough to make it visible to the target audience. Sometimes, even this task turns out to be a bit more demanding than you expected at the beginning. A helping hand is needed in such a case.

Integrating technical SEO with your marketing strategy significantly increases your chances of getting your brand displayed on your prospects’ screens. Therefore, finding a worthy SEO partner to help you achieve that may be one of the best decisions you make this quarter.

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