Implementing Tags Will Be Easier Thanks to Google Tag Integration with Ads & Analytics

Implementing Tags Will Be Easier Thanks to Google Tag Integration with Ads & Analytics
06 October 2022
Implementing sitewide tags is a complicated and time-consuming process - especially if you lack technical knowledge. Well, not anymore! Google announced that soon it will integrate Google Tags with Ads and Analytics to make our lives easier. Keep reading to find out more!

New Google Tag Capabilities

Tags are an essential part of every website.

They have to be implemented on each page to help us understand how customers are interacting with our website and ads. Not using tags is a missed-out opportunity to collect valuable data.

Whether it’s through the Google tag or Google Tag Manager, proper sitewide tagging is essential to successfully measure and act on your data. Google Ads & Commerce Blog

Until now, it was a challenging task that required technical knowledge. You had to add code to each page and be sure not to miss out on any. A real challenge, especially for large websites with plenty of pages.

Luckily Google realized that and started introducing ways to make this task easier. The best one – the integration of Googe Tag with Analytics and Ads – is yet to come, but we already know how useful it will be.

Google Tag Integrated with Google Ads & Analytics

Soon, Google Tag will be directly integrated with Analytics and Ads to simplify adding tags to your website. You won’t have to add any more code to your website, so the process of implementing tags will be easier and faster.

If you use popular CMS ( like WordPress) or website builders, you can also add new tags across your whole website with no manual changes to the code.

Much easier, right?

Check Where Your Tags Are – Tag Coverage Summary

As I already mentioned, it is crucial to implement tags across your entire website. Only this way you can collect useful data about your customer’s behavior on your website.

You need to make sure that all of your pages have properly implemented tags. Doing it manually is a tedious task, that’s why we’re more than happy that Google introduced Tag coverage summary.

You can use it to check which pages on your website have the Google tag installed and add the URLs that miss it.

Find out more here – About the Tag coverage summary

Recently, Google is making a lot of changes and updates to make our lives easier and improve the experience of searching for everyone. I can’t wait to see what will be next and I’ll be sure to let you know, so stay tuned!

Ania Żur

Junior Marketing Specialist

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