Company on Facebook – Advantages of Company Facebook Page

Company on Facebook – Advantages of Company Facebook Page
06 July 2021
Facebook can boast around 1.5 billion active users and some of them are your current or potential customers. A Facebook company site isn’t a flash in the pan, it’s a basic element of online marketing tools that provide unlimited possibilities
Facebook is an enormously prosperous platform with some of your current or future customers. Benefit from the opportunity to be close to them, become familiar with their problems and expectations. The closer you’re to the recipients, the greater your advantage over the market rivals.

Advantages of Running a Company Facebook Page

What are the advantages of running a company Facebook page? First and foremost, it’s an unprecedented opportunity for all entrepreneurs willing to improve their brand recognition. Being present on social media platforms helps to understand customers’ needs and, consequently, to better refine your offer. A Facebook company site isn’t a fad, it’s a basis of online marketing that provides numerous possibilities such as:

1. Building brand image

Facebook is an ideal tool for building brand image. It makes it possible to keep in touch with recipients in a less formal way which shows your “human face” and reduces the distance between you and customers. Social media users expect more comfortable and less formal contact so do everything in your power to meet their expectations. You can present your company as an open and friendly entity that approaches every visitor individually - this will allow you to gain trust and affection. Keep in mind that people appreciate brands characterized by high quality and commitment. Note that in this case, positioning yourself as an expert in the field doesn’t mean that you should also provide users with cold facts. Don’t be afraid, getting closer to recipients won’t make you less professional. Facebook is a recipe for finding a happy medium that will present your company in an appropriate light. Build your brand and let people like you! [caption id="attachment_41710" align="aligncenter" width="519"]facebook company page example An example of Facebook company page posts from CD PROJEKT RED[/caption]

2. Advertising

Facebook collects a lot of information about its users and it willingly shares it to enable creating as properly targeted ads as possible. Data such as age, gender, place of residence, occupation, and interests make it possible to identify characteristic target groups that you want to reach with your offer. Having a company Facebook page means access to Facebook Ads which is currently one of the most effective advertising tools. Thanks to it, you can sleep soundly knowing that information doesn’t reach random users but recipients who may be truly interested in your products or services. Using Facebook as an advertising tool gives you control over the audience seeing your ads. You can also easily check who has already come across them and what emotions they evoked in order to properly adjust parameters to achieve the most satisfactory results. Facebook fan pages are much more effective than traditional marketing solutions and the benefits can be easily measured. [caption id="attachment_41712" align="aligncenter" width="500"]facebook adverstising example An interesting ad will attract more recipients. Just look at the Busabout's ad![/caption] Read also: How to Personalize Your Facebook Ads?

3. Improving brand recognition

A visible brand becomes more and more recognizable. This makes it easier to become ingrained in the memory of potential customers who may later turn into actual buyers. With a well-prepared Facebook strategy, an unknown company can become a top-notch tycoon renowned on the market. Build your image and be unique to ensure that people begin to recognize your company and associate it with a particular set of features. You can emphasize your company's uniqueness in many ways as Facebook gives a lot of space for showing off your best assets. Develop your own way of communication, create one-of-a-kind graphics, use ads, contribute to discussions, emphasize your values, provide valuable content, and encourage others to share it. Persistence and consistency are the keys to success.

4. Strengthening the bond and creating the community

A company Facebook page gives users enormous possibilities to quickly and effortlessly contact representatives of a given brand. However, this “contact” doesn’t necessarily mean that people will write to inform you about something. They write because they expect to receive a response. Moreover, such a situation is a perfect chance for strengthening the bond between the company and its customers. Seeing that your business constantly cares about customer satisfaction will make people perceive it as more friendly. It’s important to react to all kinds of activity - thank users for positive comments, engage in discussions, and calmly address any complaints. A loyal community is a treasure so take your time to create it. By building your brand image, telling stories, and being engaged you’ll attract users for longer and create a group of brand followers that will shortly turn into your fans and ambassadors. Loyal customers are extremely valuable for two reasons: they'll happily and convincingly recommend your company and, in a moment of crisis, will always stand by your side. increase your visibility

5. Being in constant touch

A company with a Facebook fan page has the possibility to continuously and directly contact all the interested parties. The messaging interface is easy to use, so answering questions this way is quick and, therefore, more satisfying for the addressee who doesn't need to wait 24 hours for an email from the customer service office. Being able to react quickly is even more important when taking into consideration reviews in the form of posts, especially those that aren’t 100% favorable. Facebook allows you to constantly monitor activities on your profile and gives you an opportunity to explain yourself to a dissatisfied customer before he or she gets impatient. This state of affairs has two main advantages, it can nip the potential crisis in the bud and prove that you’re able to admit that you made a mistake that should be appreciated by other users. As it’s been mentioned above, people write because they want you to react, also in the case of positive feedback. Fans who sent you messages describing their satisfaction with your products or services expect the same in return. Thank them for their kind words as all opinions are worth their weight in gold. [caption id="attachment_41715" align="aligncenter" width="502"]communication vis facebook company page An exemplary message for customers and fans of CD PROJEKT RED[/caption] This two-way communication makes life easier for you too. You can easily inform your fans about holidays, competitions, special offers, new opening hours, etc. - just communicate with them here and now.

6. Selling

In real life, building brand image, creating community, improving brand recognition and many other activities have an indirect impact on sales. A customer who can choose between a familiar brand with a good reputation and another, unknown business will probably select the first one. Similarly, people will probably quickly resign from finalizing transactions and buying products from companies that don’t respond to messages or argue with customers in the comments on their fan page. The broadly understood brand image is one of the factors which convince people that your products are good value for money. A company Facebook page can also help you advertise your website and attract traffic. There are a number of ways to achieve it and paid ads to come first to mind when thinking about it. You can select behavioral or contextual targeting, remarketing, or a lookalike campaign and target your activities at potential or current fans. Another thing that can help you is the creation of engaging posts that will encourage users to visit your website and shop. Offer various discount codes only to people who follow your profile, organize contests, special discounts, and complement orders with small free gifts. Finally, Facebook can also sell directly. As a company, you can set up your own Facebook store offering selected products or collections. This shop can provide all the functionalities of a traditional online store, meaning the possibility to shop conveniently and quickly without having to go to another website, create an account, log into the system, and so on. All of this encourages shopping sprees and is appreciated by online buyers who care mainly about simplicity and speed. [caption id="attachment_41717" align="aligncenter" width="750"]an examplary store on company facebook page This is what your brand products can look like in the Facebook shop[/caption] You’ve probably come to the conclusion that having a company Facebook page allows you to gain an advantage over your market rivals in a number of fields. Advertising, communication, or brand image are just three of many sectors that can get more efficient and user-friendly thanks to Facebook.
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