Bard, Google’s Advanced Language Model, has Finally Made its Debut in Poland

Bard, Google’s Advanced Language Model, has Finally Made its Debut in Poland
17 July 2023
Bard, Google’s Large Language Model (LLM), has been officially released in Poland. From Thursday, 13.07.2023, the Polish users can finally make the full use of its features.

Bard is a complex language model, or, in practice, an AI tool, which may be used in a wide variety of ways.

As we could have expedited from Google, Bard has been trained on an extensive dataset of both text and code, allowing it to generate text that is both consistent and creative. This AI model is even capable of translating text from and to different languages, as well as of writing poems, or songs. It will create a line of code, a script, or an email without a problem. It also has a much more up-to-date database than ChatGPT, since it includes the whole year 2022.

Can Bard Make Mistakes?

We must remember that Bard is still in development – it can generate false responses (similar to ChatGPT). When you access this tool, you will also receive the following information: “To help with quality and improve our products, human reviewers read, annotate, and process your Bard conversations. … Please do not include information that can be used to identify you or others in your Bard conversations.”

What Can You Use Bard for?

  • Text generation. Bard may be used to generate text on a variety of topics, from news articles to short stories. Fun fact – you might use voice commands.
  • Translation. Bard uses 40 languages. In its own words:

What languages does Google Bard use?

  • Answering your questions. Do you wish to learn how to make pizza dough, or perhaps you’d like to plan a trip to Rome? Bard will provide you with information. You need to bear in mind, though, that they might not be 100% true (Did you see crochet ‘giraffe’ pattern? Exactly).

How Does Bard Handle Polish?

Not bad! Unlike what it claims, the sentences generated by Bard don’t always sound natural or creative. However, after inputting the right prompt, we can generate readable and engaging content. The texts seem a bit more stiff and repetitive than those from ChatGPT, so you need to pay attention to duplication.

Bard is available for all Google users in Poland. In order to access it, all you need to do is open your browser and go to the following site: You can use it both on a desktop or a mobile device.

About Google AI

Google AI is a team of researchers and engineers who work on developing artificial intelligence. The goal of Google AI is to create intelligent technologies that can improve the quality of life. LLMs such as Bard are among the most important Google AI projects.

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