Google Search Console Update – Core Web Vitals Reports for Specific URLs

Google Search Console Update – Core Web Vitals Reports for Specific URLs
25 August 2022
Google Search Console updated the Core Web Vitals reports, so you can now check a specific URL's score. Find out which pages are blocking you from achieving your full CWV potential and fix the issues to earn Google’s approval!

Core Web Vitals are, without any doubt, one of the most important Google ranking factors. To get a good score, and earn a high ranking in SERPs you need to satisfy Google in a few categories.

If your website is fast and healthy Google will reward you!

Core Web Vitals Reports Update

Thanks to the update you will now know, where to focus your efforts to get a better CWV score. You can dive deeper into the report and check exactly which URLs require your attention.

CWV report groups URLs into 3 main categories based o how severe is the issue:

  • Poor
  • Need improvement
  • Good

How to Find the Information on Specific URLs?

Log into your Google Search Console, choose Core Web Vitals, and open the report:

core web vitals report update

Next, click on the “Why URLs aren’t considered good” report:

cwv report update

Here you will find information about how many URLs are not considered good ones. By clicking on the specific URL group you can check the exact URLs that are causing problems and what exactly is wrong with them: 

core web vitals update report

After fixing the issues you can validate them and see if your score improves. Click this button to see if you did a good job:

core web vitals issues report

Take Care of Good Core Web Vitals

Ensuring good Core Web Vitals is crucial to ranking high in Google SERPs. Without a good score, your website will not be considered worthy of taking one of the top positions in the search results.

That’s why you need to make sure your website is the best it can be.

You identify the issue, but you can’t figure out how to fix it? Contact us and we can solve this problem for you!

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