Above the Fold (ATF)

What is Above the Fold (ATF)? Definition.

Above the Fold is the site area we see when a website is loaded, without having to scroll down. The content we see after scrolling is called Below the Fold (BTF).

This term is particularly important in web design, online advertising and e-mail marketing. What information you place above the fold line will determine whether the user will interact with the site, read the email to the end or click on the banner ad.

The information you want to convey in the ATF space should be relevant to the user and presented clearly and in attractive way. It is worth placing a CTA in this area that will encourage the user to do the desired action or links that will facilitate the transition to another subpage.


For both users and Google, the content above the fold is the most important. This is where you should always place the H1 header with your key phrase, intuitive menu and your logo.

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