Account budget (Google Ads)

What is Google Ads Account Budget? – Definition

Account budgets were formerly known as budget orders.

If you run a Google Ads campaign and pay by monthly invoicing, you may specify a budget you would like to spend in a given period. Otherwise, you will be able to control your spending only with campaign budgets.

What are the benefits of setting an account budget?

By setting your Google Ads account budget, ads will be no longer displayed when your budget is spent or once the end date is reached. This gives you more control over your costs by allocating a fixed amount of money to monthly Google Ads campaigns.

When it comes to daily budgets, the billing method is slightly different.

Account Budget in Practice

Let’s assume that you create an account budget for $1,500 for your Google Ads campaigns in March. If during this month your campaign’s costs reach $1,500 before March 31st your ad automatically stops running, and you will receive a message saying that your budget is exhausted.

How to Manage Your Google Ads Account Budget?

Both Admin and Standard users (including the manager account) can create an account budget.

You can access it by selecting Settings. Then select Account budgets and click the blue circled button. In the Use master service agreement section, choose an option that interests you and fill in the required information. Go to the Budget amount field, select one of the options: unlimited (if you don’t want to specify a total budget for your ads), or set your budget limit. Specify start and end dates, provide the Budget name, and fill in all the required fields. Click Save.

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