What is CPV? – Definition

CPV (Cost-per-view) is a billing method for video campaigns in Google Ads. This billing indicates the cost for watching at least 30 seconds of your video (or, if your video ad is shorter than 30 seconds, the whole video should be watched) or interacts with it in other ways. Other video interactions include, for example, clicking on the CTA (call-to-action) overlays or banners.

Video ads are displayed on the YouTube platform before, after, or during videos.  CPV is the cost of one view of the video ad.

CPV Bidding

CPV bids are set similarly as in other Google Ads billing models. You can specify different bids for individual keywords or placements. Setting your max CPV means that you can’t be charged more for one view. Rate setting is only available for TrueView video campaigns.

what is cpv? cost per view definition

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