What is eCPC – Definition

This is a smart Google Ads pricing strategy otherwise known as Ehanced CPC.

It automatically adjusts the self-set rates to maximise the number of conversions. At the same time, when the probability of obtaining conversions is low, it reduces the set rates.

Using eCPC:

  • you will get more conversions while trying to maintain the same or even lower conversion costs,
  • you will keep your average CPC below the specified maximum CPC.

How does it work?

The algorithm uses demographic data, your location and browser information, time of day, to determine the stakes at a specific auction.

What else is there to know?

eCPC requires you to configure conversion tracking beforehand. Additionally, it is available for search networks and GDN campaigns with the exception of those promoting applications. For product campaigns, it works only within the Google search engine. Moreover, the strategy sets rates separately for mobile devices.

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