Em tag

What is Em Tag? – Definition

Em tag (<em>) is an HTML emphasis tag displayed in italic.  It is inserted in the content in order to emphasize particular sections or words which are of greater importance.

Example of Use

The <em> tag is not an empty tag, which means that it needs a closing tag (with a slash character). This should be as follows: <em>section or a single word</em>

Em Tag - definition

The Difference Between <i> and <em> Tags

Despite the fact that both <em> and <i> tags give the same visual effect, i.e. italic text, search engine robots pay more attention to the first one. That’s why it is recommended to use the em tag for website optimization.¬† Em tag informs Google crawlers that the selected content is particularly important and deserves attention.

Also check what the strong tag is used for.

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