Strong tag

What is Strong Tag? – Definition

The strong tag (<strong>) is the HTML element which displays the text as bold by web browser. It is used to define sections or some words that represent strong importance.

What Is The Difference Between <strong> and <b> Tags?

<strong> tag

The <strong> tag informs the browser that the highlighted content is important and worth paying attention to it.

What is strong tag - definition

The <b> tag  emphasizes the text only visually by displaying it in bold formal, while the <strong> tag does it also semantically, indicating the content of strong importance. It informs the web browser that the highlighted text is of particular importance, and that it is worth focusing attention on it.

The strong tag is also crucial when it comes to SEO – Google crawlers recognize that the text in the <strong> tag is more important than the other elements on the site, which is why it is a good solution to include keywords in it.

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