E-commerce SEO Trends in 2021

E-commerce SEO Trends in 2021
24 September 2021
What to focus on when doing e-commerce in 2021? What to keep in mind when devising an SEO strategy for your online store? How to gain a competitive edge over your market rivals and rich top positions in the organic search results? Discover the list of e-commerce SEO tips for 2021!
Table of Contents: The global coronavirus pandemic caused havoc in the e-commerce industry. We were all in lockdown and our shopping moved to the online world. According to Google data, in the first three months of the pandemic, e-commerce developed more than it did in the previous four years. Now, selling online isn’t only an option but actually the bread and butter of most industries and enterprises. Your market rivals never sleep. Stay up to date with all technical innovations and industry news to win the battle for top positions in the search results. Discover the list of e-commerce trends and tips for 2021 prepared by the Delante team.

1. Core web vitals - new indicators for Google algorithms

This is the real game-changer in the SEO world. Google implemented a new version of its algorithm in 2021. Consequently UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) play an increasingly important role. These two elements are Core Web Vitals, meaning factors such as page loading time, mobile-friendliness, customer experience, maximum conversion rate optimization (CRO), security and SSL, convenience, interactions, and functionality. Everyone who doesn’t adapt their websites to new Google requirements can lose high positions in the organic search results.

2. Local SEO for small companies

More and more small, local companies, that reach customers living within a few kilometers, enter the online world to promote their services and products. Moreover, research conducted in the UK shows that during the pandemic even 57% of customers prefer to choose stores and suppliers with local products in their offer. It’s high time to start local Google and Google Maps SEO. This way, you’ll reach potential customers living in your area. [caption id="attachment_43786" align="aligncenter" width="750"]seo ecommerce trends 2021 local seo Quality Google Maps SEO and ads are a great development opportunity for both small, local companies and global corporations. From our own experience, we can tell that being ranked first for the phrase “SEO agency in Krakow” works wonders. Thanks to it, we can provide our services to local companies.[/caption]

3. Multichannel sales and communication with customers

The organic traffic isn’t enough. For better results of performed SEO activities, your online store or website demands more channels and points of contact with customers. In the fight for the top 3 Google positions, you'll need additional external linking and active redirects hidden e.g. invaluable YouTube video materials (video content marketing) or modern social media profiles such as TikTok. Make your communication coherent and genuine. Multichannel communication should be followed by a maximally simplified purchase path and configuration of social media stores. Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram put special emphasis on this factor. Integrate the entire PPC strategy with advertising e-commerce platforms such as Google Merchant Center, Microsoft Advertising, or Google Display Network.

4. Google Analytics 4 - a new quality of analysis and reporting

Recently, we could observe the implementation of the new GA4. 2021 is the time for developing data analytics and modifying the whole Google platform and the ways Google Analytics works. All this is due to changes in GDPR. Consumer data is supposed to be safer whereas the accuracy of reports, automation of GA, and the entire Google advertising system will be even more powerful thanks to machine learning and artificial intelligence. [caption id="attachment_35009" align="aligncenter" width="559"]google analytics seo trends 2021 The massive Google Analytics update took place in October 2020, but the entire 2021 is devoted to improving GA4.[/caption]

5. SEO automation

For the time being, 49% of SEO activities are performed manually. This is supposed to change in upcoming years. Repetitive activities will be controlled by (ro)bots and algorithms, while the strategy, concept, and reaction to changes on the market will remain in human hands. Efficient code and website structure optimization, accessible content and campaign management, profound data analysis and conclusion drawing, as well as comprehensive Google support. All these benefits can be obtained thanks to SEO automation.

6. Content marketing according to the EAT principle

It’s been known for quite a long time that content marketing matters. The quality, uniqueness, and usefulness of prepared texts are also important. However, the importance of these factors is supposed to increase even more in 2021 because of the EAT (Expertise, Authority, Trust) principle. Google rewards websites, brands, and creators that are real experts in the field and devise content marketing strategies that provide users with full security and verified data. Positive link building in line with white-Hat SEO is also crucial. The customer is supposed to be well informed by the seller (meaning you) before making the decision. increase your visibility

7. Education and development in the SEO industry

2020 taught us that nothing can be taken for granted and we need to be ready for changes. Also when it comes to SEO. Education is the key to staying up to date and flexible. Books, podcasts, online training, industry blogs - these are the bare minimum that will keep you informed, regardless of whether you're doing in-house SEO or whether you outsource the process to an external agency. More and more people browse the net with the help of voice search. Nowadays, an SEO specialist has to analyze not only selected phrases typed by a user looking for a particular product, but also potential queries that can be voiced. [caption id="attachment_35013" align="aligncenter" width="624"]voice search a trendy seo 2021 According to GWI data, 27% of Internet users benefit from voice search on mobile devices on a daily basis. Don't forget about this channel of reaching your website and take advantage of its sales potential.[/caption]
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