Google Announced Automatic Updates for Discovery Campaigns into Demand Gen

Google Announced Automatic Updates for Discovery Campaigns into Demand Gen
12 September 2023
On August 15, Google has announced crucial changes with Discovery campaigns being automatically updated to Demand Gen. When will the update happen and what does it mean for advertisers? Read on to find out!

The Discovery Campaigns Update

Google has announced that since October 2023, Demand Gen campaigns will be available for all Google Ads users. Additionally, it will be possible to contact Google to update current Discovery campaigns into Demand Gen ones. If you don’t do that until November, your campaigns will be updated automatically.

According to Google, all historical data, learnings, and settings will be preserved. The aim of this update is to increase the effectiveness of Discovery campaigns since Demand Gen offers many more functionalities.

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What Does This Update Mean?

Demand Gen offers additional features that make it a much more effective advertising tool. These include:

  • Video and image advertisements within one campaign
  • Lookalike segments
  • Deeper insights into data: conversion path reports, data-driven attribution, brand lift
  • Improved ad creation workflow

As Google itself claims, Demand Gen campaigns will increase user engagement in channels such as YouTube, Discovery, and Gmail. Thus, we expect this update to be exceedingly beneficial for advertisers, who will be able to reach their audience and generate conversions much more efficiently.

Karolina Pyznar SEM Delante
Karolina Pyznar

Junior SEM Specialist

A Management graduate and currently a student of Economics at the Cracow University of Economics. She started her adventure at Delante with an SEM internship in December 2021. She currently holds the position of Junior SEM Specialist. Her special interest from the professional angle is Internet marketing, and she is no stranger to Google market changes. Privately, she enjoys traveling, sport, especially gym.

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