New Facebook Ads Manager Feature: Instagram Traffic Redirection

New Facebook Ads Manager Feature: Instagram Traffic Redirection
13 September 2023
Facebook Ads Manager has come with new options, such as redirecting traffic to your Instagram profile. How exactly does it work? Find out below!

Instagram Traffic Redirection – How Does It Work?

The new feature enables advertisers to redirect traffic to Instagram, however, with some limitations. Firstly, currently, it is impossible to change the CTA, so advertisers need to stick with ‘Visit Instagram profile’. Additionally, there is a fixed set of placements that is supported through this option:

  • Feed
  • Instagram search results
  • Instagram Explore
  • Instagram Explore home
  • Stories
  • Reels
  • Ads on Instagram Reels

We should also mention that this feature is still not available for all accounts. This should change with time.

What Is the Role of This Update

The possibility to redirect users to your Instagram profile is extremely useful in several cases. It may increase your follower’s engagement as well as attract new ones. Additionally, thanks to this update, advertisers don’t need to opt for alternative measures.

Before, the only viable solution to attract users to Instagram was by creating a boost post in the business suite. This update makes the process much easier, yet will this feature be more effective than the previous solutions? Only time will tell.

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