Google Will No Longer Support

Google Will No Longer Support

A few days ago, Google Webmasters announced that April 6 this year will mark the end of Google supporting the tag. Search Console is generating error notifications about the navigation menu (so-called Breadcrumbs) en masse. Do you wonder whether you should worry about the issue and how to solve it?

Latest on our blog: SEO for the Construction Industry is a type of structured data implemented in 2009. Two years later, Google Webmasters decided to introduce which has been becoming more and more popular. Thus, Google decided to focus exclusively on and transfer all functionalities to it.

Since 01/21 website owners have been receiving error notifications concerning breadcrumbs which were sent by Search Console. - breadcrumbs issues

According to Google, for the time being it’s just a warning and the error doesn’t have any negative implications for the search results. April 6, 2020 is the day when Google will completely stop supporting so you need to fix the error by then.

How to fix the error?

In order to fix the error resulting from the removal of the tag, you simply need to replace this tag by Although the code won’t differ much, the change is truly substantial.

An exemplary code with

Data vocabulary breadcrumbs markup

An exemplary code with schema-org:

schema breadcrumbs markup

After changing the code, use the structured data testing tool to check whether everything has been implemented properly and then ask Google to recrawl and reindex your website.

data deprecated

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