Google isn’t Going to Introduce the CWV Badge

Google isn’t Going to Introduce the CWV Badge

After the recent Google algorithm updates and the implementation of Core Web Vitals, Google announced that it was looking for a way to reward websites that meet the algorithm requirements.

Let’s first recap what Core Web Vitals are:

wskaźniki core web vitals

As you can see, these are the 3 metrics that determine the optimal website score:

  • The first indicator: LCP – refers to the page loading performance and determines the rendering time of the largest element on the page.
  • The second: FID – concerns the time between the first user interaction with the page and its response.
  • CLS, on the other hand, measures the page layout shifts during page loading.

Very soon, it was announced that Google was planning to introduce a badge that would be displayed in the search results and would inform that a given website meets the requirements of these indicators. Shortly after, we could hear the first rumors stating that Google was testing the introduction of the badge visible in the image below, which sparked a heated discussion on Twitter.

wskaźnik core web vitals

When asked about this during the Google Search Central SEO Office-hours Hangout on January 21, John Mueller dismissed the information that Google would introduce such a badge.

During the meeting, Mueller stated that he couldn’t promise that such a badge wouldn’t appear in the future, although if it hadn’t been implemented so far, the situation probably wouldn’t change in the future. Nevertheless, he stressed that Google is constantly striving to improve the CWV and Page Experience metrics, and is looking for more metrics that would be relevant to potential users. Consequently, there is a chance that in the future there will be a metric displayed to users browsing the search results.

The link to the entire meeting can be found below, and the answer to the Core Web Vitals question starts at 42 minutes and 55 seconds:

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