Google Merchant Center – Product Data Specification 2022 Update



Google Merchant Center – Product Data Specification 2022 Update
28 April 2022
Yesterday, Google announced two updates to the Merchant Center. One is already in place and the second one will start working on June 26. Check out what changed and how to adapt your shop to these updates.



As always Google focuses on providing users with the best experience possible. That’s why both updates are aimed at creating a better experience for users who are searching for products online.

First Update April 27, 2022

1. New Attribute - Ads Pause

Google introduced a new pause attribute, which will allow merchants to stop and later restart ads for specific products. As of 2023, this will be the only option - out-of-stock availability attribution should not be used anymore because it can cause product disapproval.

2. Shipping Country Sub-Attribute

As of yesterday, Google requires merchants to provide a country sub-attribute to the shipping attribute. The goal is to ensure that shipping prices are accurate. You can check which products require your attention on the GMC’s Diagnostics page. Don't neglect this change - not providing a country into the shipping attribute is considered an error by Google.

Second Update June 26, 2022

1. New Attribute - Availability Date

If your products are available for backorder or preorder, as of June 26, you will need to specify a date using the availability date attribute. It can be set up to a year in the future. Without it, your products may be disapproved.

2. Automatic Item Updates for Condition Attribute

Google will help you keep all the data up-to-date and correct thanks to automatic item updates for condition. This attribute was so far available only for the price and availability of products. This option will be turned on automatically, but you can opt-out in Merchant Center Automatic Improvements setting, under item updates. If you choose to do that, you need to be careful - incorrect condition value may cause your products to be disapproved.
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Do You Need to Worry?

Not really, just keep up with Google’s requirements and all will be good! Adjust your shop to the new updates and stay on Google’s good side. Remember that Google is not trying to make merchants’ life more complicated, but users’ experiences better.
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