5 Top SEO Tools 2022 – the Best Paid Solutions We Want to Try



5 Top SEO Tools 2022 – the Best Paid Solutions We Want to Tryd-tags
29 April 2022
The best SEO tools are those that do exactly what you expect them to do: collect data, analyze it, and generate clear reports. Although it may seem that everything in this regard has already been invented, the Internet is changing, the industry is developing, and new tools emerge on the market. What do we want to try at Delante?



Table of contents: We can see that the list of the best paid SEO tools is getting longer and longer. Every year we encounter new solutions for monitoring key phrases, optimizing texts for SEO, performing on-site and off-site tasks, preparing audits, competitive analysis, and other documents that support the SEO process. While we like to stay true to what we already use (after all, we know it, and we know it's good - both for us and for our clients), we also don't want to stay behind. That's why Delante has decided that this year will be the year of testing. Frankly speaking, we're really looking forward to it!

SEO Tools 2022 - What Do We Want to Check?

In 2022, we want to continue using the best paid SEO tools that we know and trust. Apart from that, we want to try out completely new ones or ones that our specialists simply haven't had the pleasure to work with yet. We’ll also discover new functionalities of the tools we're familiar with and we’ll try to implement them in our everyday work to optimize ongoing processes. Watching trends in online marketing helps us choose solutions that can benefit our actions. In this post, we’ll talk about the 5 best paid SEO tools that we want to try. Some of them have been on the market for a while, while others are a new challenge. We are curious to find out which of these will stay with Delante's specialists for longer!


CONTADU is a platform that combines competitive analysis, content planning and optimization, as well as task and team management. In a nutshell, it's everything an SEO tool in 2022 needs. Contadu offers features created with semantic SEO in mind. This is a good sign for the future. This year we want to see if CONTADU, a data-driven content intelligence platform, can help us create well optimized content. Why do we want to test this tool?
  • Competition analysis in SERPs. CONTADU offers a comprehensive competitive analysis based on keywords. It helps to find your niche and plan effective communication.
top seo tools 2022 contadu
  • Content planning. CONTADU helps to plan future texts and create a coherent marketing strategy. It analyzes the search results and checks what is already on the page (we are very curious how CONTADU will solve this part in practice). The preview of this part reminds us of functionalities offered by Answer the Public, which is available for free.
Additionally, the content planning option proposes the entire layout of the article. It takes care of everything - from arranging the best title and description, to planning the main content, and making sure that everything is done according to the best SEO practices. top seo tools 2022 contadu
  • Editing and content creation. CONTADU support is similar to the one offered by Surfer SEO. The CONTADU editor is simple to use and readable. It has a basic but SEO-friendly content editing panel and shows statistics on the right. There you can see the content score, applied keywords and their density, as well as ideas/tips and a preview. The CONTADU editor also has an AI writing option.
seo tools 2022 contadu
  • Content planning and management. The "management" tab seems particularly interesting to us. Combining organization (task assignment, deadlines, calendar) with data inside the app sounds like something that could actually make CONTADU stand out from other apps with similar functionalities. It seems especially useful for content marketing teams. We'd love to give it a try!
seo tools 2022 contadu content plan

2. Data Studio

We've been using this tool for several years now, but we want to make it even a bigger part of our processes. Google advertises it in a way that will surely appeal to all data-driven and SEO-focused online marketing professionals. "Your data is powerful. Use it." - we can't disagree with that. Data Studio is a tool from Google that helps you use the full potential of the data you collect: manage it and present it in a simple, clear, visually pleasing way. This year we want to use this tool for our reports. Thanks to it, we'll explore its wide possibilities. Who knows - maybe DS will make it to the top of our list of the best paid SEO tools in 2022?
We included a sneak peek of our reports created in Data Studio in this article - https://delante.co/seo-report-what-should-it-include/
Why do we want to test this tool?
  • Data Studio means data analysis and visualization in one place. Comparing data, filtering out information, or organizing entire processes and creating reports with Google Data Studio simply becomes easier.
  • Well-designed spaces for data analysis. This SEO tool offers a number of useful options for presenting data in different ways. Clear tables, various bar and pie charts, colorful statistics. All this makes Data Studio a great tool for any SEO specialist. We want to check out all the DS features we don't know and improve our data analysis and visualization skills. The ability to work in teams on reports and quick click & drop changes are other advantages of this simple, yet so complex tool.
best paid seo tools data studio
  • Possibility of combining data from different sources. Data about pages (phrases, views, clicks) from Google Search Console can be easily combined with sales data from Google Analytics. And that's not all - DS allows you to import data from Google Ads, Google BigQuery, Campaign Manager 360, or MySQL.
  • Using Data Studio on different devices is simple. In the era of remote work, sometimes we need to see reports on a tablet or quickly transfer data from one chart to another from a smartphone. This is also extremely useful during business trips. It's impossible to talk about the best paid SEO tools in 2022 if they don't offer such functionalities.
Expert Comment
Data Studio is described as a data visualization tool, which brings value not only for reporting but more importantly for analytics when working on clients' sites on an ongoing basis. The dashboard helps to conveniently work with data from Search Console. GSC's interface leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, when using Data Studio we can solve many of the problems (e.g. listing phrases for many URLs at once). The possibility to process this data in the tool helps to diagnose pain points and discover opportunities faster. This applies to working with any data tool - GSC is just an example.
Wojciech Urban Delante
Wojciech Urban
SEO Specialist

3. Tools Using AI for Content Creation

For some time, we've been observing the growing popularity of tools that use AI to create content. At first, these were single applications that made us rather skeptical about the topic. However, as time passed by, available SEO tools started to surprise us with their sophistication and advanced functionalities. One of the solutions we’ve been watching for a while is AX Semantics. The portfolio in which you can find logos of Zalando, Deloitte, Porsche, or Beiersdorf is impressive. Why do we want to test this tool?
  • It’s one of the most refined AI tools for content creation. It doesn't write quick, simple back-end texts filled with keywords. Instead, it offers more advanced functionalities such as creating hyper-personalized content and ensuring unique experiences for customers. It’s tailored to online marketing needs.
top seo tools 2022 ax semantics
  • We’re wondering how AI can help us optimize content creation processes. Will it make them easier and faster? How can the combination of data collection and a content generation tool support the activities of marketing professionals? We already know the theory. Now it's time to find out what it looks like in real life.
best paid seo tools ai
  • Hyper-personalized content. AX Semantics helps to create personalized product descriptions in real-time. What does it mean? It means that every user can get personalized product descriptions tailored to their needs and motivations. It sounds not only promising but also infeasible. Therefore, everything has to be polished to ensure that the tool works effectively. We won't know until we test this SEO tool ourselves, so let’s get down to it.
increase your visibility

4. Sitebulb

It's an alternative to older SEO tools such as Screaming Frog. Sitebulb allows you to easily analyze data and present it in the form of clear graphics and charts. This helps to boost user experience. top seo tools 2022 sitebulb Why do we want to test this tool?
  • It makes it easier to prioritize tasks based on the available data and search engine guidelines. Of course, the SEO specialist's judgment is equally important. However, filtering the results and conclusions of the audit first simply streamlines the work, saving human resources for more important tasks.
  • You can add data from Google Search Console. The more data, the more reliable the audit.
top seo tools 2022 sitebulb score
  • Innovative website architecture visualization. It shows website architecture in a very attractive way, making it easier to spot illogical paths, poorly implemented links, or broken subpages. Screens from such a tool look great in SEO audits. Moreover, they help clients understand their problems.
  • PDFs at your fingertips. A full website audit can be saved as a PDF, which makes the data easy to use. Aesthetically pleasing and readable reports can be easily passed on to other departments in the company (developers, juniors), thus improving internal communication. We'd love to see how it looks in real life!
  • It has an audit comparison feature, so it's easier to see how changes made affect search engine ratings.
  • It has a large crawl budget. It allows you to scan pages with up to 500,000 subpages. This makes Sitebulb one of the best paid SEO tools for crawling pages.
best paid seo tools sitebulb crawling
  • It visualizes all the valuable data. The high quality of the conclusions is crucial, as it allows to save time and resources that would normally have to be spent on transferring data into tables and graphs. Sitebulb seems to be simply convenient, pretty, and a UX-friendly SEO tool. We're ready to see if its functionalities will allow it to outdo Screaming Frog.

5. Surfer SEO

The Surfer SEO plugin made it to our list back in 2020, but since Surfer is more than just a Chrome plugin, we want to test its features and see whether it offers anything exceptional. Why do we want to test this tool?
  • Updated features of the Chrome browser plugin. Now, with Surfer, you'll see the length of texts ranked high in the SERPs. The tool offers a lot of other statistics presented in the form of readable reports. It focuses on the number of phrases within a page, the methods of creating headlines, and finally the level of text optimization. Moreover, it can be observed that other keywords similar to your query are also displayed more and more accurately.
  • Support after the title and meta description update. We've written about Google changing the way it generates titles. The update caused a lot of problems for many people. Keyword Surfer comes to the rescue as it shows which pages have changed in the search results.
[caption id="attachment_51933" align="aligncenter" width="1292"]best paid seo tools surfer seo Source: https://surferseo.com/blog/google-title-tag-update/[/caption]
  • Surfer has its own artificial intelligence for writing content - jarvis.ai. We are extremely curious to see how it’ll perform combined with the Surfer editor or AX Semantics. Remember when we wrote about LSI keywords? Surfer's support may prove quite useful also in this case.
  • Surfer's content editor has many functions that can compete with e.g. CONTADU - content score, keyword density, text layout suggestions, and others. Which SEO tool can win the battle? Let's find out!
top seo tools 2022 surfer seo [caption id="attachment_51937" align="aligncenter" width="300"]seo tools 2022 surfer seo Source: https://surferseo.com/[/caption]

The Best Paid SEO Tools 2022 - The Takeaway

For us, 2022 will be about testing new tools and discovering the functionalities of SEO tools we've been using for some time now. If you've worked with Surfer, Data Studio, Sitebulb, AX Semantics, or CONTADU, let us know what you think about them! Would you like to learn more about classic and popular SEO solutions loved by experts from around the world? Check out the summary of our interviews with 10 SEO specialists talking about tools they can’t work and live without in 2022!
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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Logo Delante

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.


  1. Great article! I just want to bring one more paid tool to your notice which is Coreseo. It has deep on-page and off-page SEO analysis, easy-to-use, and works on any website. It takes care of all the things that Google needs for ranking. Worth including in your list.

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