Google’s August Core Update – It’s Happening!

Google’s August Core Update – It’s Happening!
23 August 2023
Since the beginning of the month, rumors had been going that Google was rolling out an update to the search engine's ranking algorithm. Users were seeing quite a bit of volatility in the SERPs, which was a solid reason to believe that this was the result of an unconfirmed update. However, it's now certain - the algorithm update is in progress!

The August Core Update? In Progress!

Once again, user’s speculations about the update were right. On Tuesday, August 22, Google’s Twitter account announced that it is in the process of implementing an update to the search engine’s algorithm to improve search results so that quality content reaches users. This means that content is still a king! The whole process is underway, but it could take up to two weeks to complete.


August 2023 core update announcement

Source: Twitter

How to Interpret the New Changes?

It looks like it’s another Core algorithm update, in line with the previous ones, in which Google aims at presenting even better quality results and reward content that complies with EEAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) and Helpful Content ( principles. We have to be ready, for the fact that content that does not provide value to users-or has been created using AI just to fill a page with content will be treated as low quality by Google. And, with limited indexing resources, there’s also a good chance that Google will want to drop them from the index altogether. Pay attention to what happens with the thin content you have on the site, various kinds of glossaries, extended tags with the current algorithm changes.

What Does This Change Mean for Your Website?

Like any algorithm update, the August one may have either a positive or a negative impact on your site’s rank in search results. Keep an eye on your site’s rank in the upcoming weeks – if you see drops, it will most likely be the result of the latest update and not of any technical issues.

Drops…So, What’s Next?

As Google said it itself, don’t react abruptly and introduce immediate changes right after seeing ranking drops. The latest algorithm update is focused on the content quality, so it is best to fill your website with valuable content in the next few months. It usually takes a few months to regain lost positions in the rankings, and growth can happen between minor or major updates.

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