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10 December 2020
Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we can observe an increasing number of potential customers who used to perceive online shopping as black magic. Many people are still learning how to operate in the online world. Maybe recently you’ve noticed increased traffic to your website and decreased conversion rate? Statistically, more users browse your offer but fewer of them finalize the transaction.



So how to increase your e-commerce conversion? What can you do to make sure that a random Internet “passer-by” turns into your regular and loyal customer with a full shopping cart? What to do to reach potential customers who entered and left your e-commerce website? Table of Contents

Three cornerstones to convert visitors into buyers

Running an online store means continuous development. To ensure that your e-commerce generates maximum turnover and encourages people to buy, you need three effective activities and precise strategies: lead nurturing, SEO, and customer service.

Lead nurturing - how to encourage people to buy?

Lead nurturing is about building relationships with your recipients and educating them with the use of valuable content tailored to their expectations.
All of these to improve people’s engagement and bonds with your brand, which, in turn, is supposed to convince them to buy, increase the number and quality of e-commerce conversions, or your online store’s shopping cart value. After all, only 27% of customers decide to finalize the transaction when coming across a given brand or company for the first time. This cornerstone involves social media activity, remarketing, email marketing, and content marketing.

SEO for the online store - proper website visibility

Quality, valuable content, and an attractive product range won’t bring any benefits if your market rivals are ranked higher in Google search results. 49% of customers declare that they start their shopping path from this particular search engine. Appropriate selection of keywords, product descriptions that are both SEO and user-friendly, internal and external linking, convenient user interface, and proper website navigation - these are only a few elements that need to be taken into account to ensure that your store reaches top Google positions. Consequently, it’ll be easier for you to attract new recipients and turn them into regular customers.

Customer service

Take advantage of quality, reliable customer service or after-sales and technical support to convince users who still have doubts about whether to buy in your store or not. This is particularly useful in the case of people who aren’t avid online shoppers or haven’t bought anything online before. If a confused, potential customer has the opportunity to ask for help, your chances of selling increase, as visitors won’t leave your store anymore because of not being sure how to face a given challenge. A hotline, live chat, or video chat with a consultant, the possibility to contact customer service via email or social media - all of these are already a standard today. And how’s your customer service? Check out our article: 6 elements of e-commerce customer service.

Eight tips that will help you turn recipients into regular customers

Lead nurturing, SEO, and customer service - you already know the three cornerstones that will help you convert e-commerce visitors into customers. Let’s get down to some details - what can you do to increase your conversion rate among online passers-by? Keep reading to discover 8 life-saving tips prepared by specialists at Delante.

1. Make sure that your store is mobile-friendly

An increasing number of Internet users shop via mobile devices. If you want to get rid of short web sessions and minimize your bounce rate, make sure that your store has a responsive web design and displays well on both desktop and mobile devices. Positive mobile test Google ratings will not only make it easier for customers to navigate the site on their smartphones, they’ll also support the SEO process. [caption id="attachment_34340" align="aligncenter" width="516"]how to turn visitor into customer - mobile friendliness To see how your online store is displayed on various devices, use developer tools provided by Google Chrome. Load the page you want to check, click Ctrl+Shift+I, and choose the "responsive" type of device you are interested in.[/caption]

2. Include the most frequently asked questions and answers in your product descriptions

Long-tail phrases entered by potential customers in Google are powerful. Apart from taking into account the needs of Google robots, try to dispel the doubts of users. Provide Q&A sections in product descriptions - these are questions and answers that will make it easier for buyers to make the final decision. They’ll also support SEO.

3. Remember about CTAs (Call to Action)

Remember to provide CTAs in your newsletters, social media posts, product descriptions, paid ads, and any other points of contact with potential customers. It’s not a coincidence that you frequently encounter “buy now”, “click here” or “download for free” buttons when browsing the net. Appropriate CTAs can increase the effectiveness of your website and its e-commerce conversion even by 45%.

4. First impression counts

Just like in the case of a first date. It’s important both for the SEO of the online store and its recognition in the eyes of potential customers. Short page loading time, proper UX and UI, modern and appealing design, SSL certificate, a wide and available product range as well as convenient navigation. These features definitely inspire the trust of potential customers and encourage them to finalize their transactions. Read also: How to Get Your E-commerce Customers To Come Back

5. User-friendly navigation helps to achieve the objective

Remember about appropriate website navigation and division into product categories. Create subpage titles and headers that clearly suggest what type of content is accessed after clicking on the link. Perhaps, if your store offers clothes and accessories, it’ll be better to subdivide accessories into wallets, bags, or hats instead of putting everything in one place? Assist users from the very beginning they encounter your offer to the moment they make a purchase. how to increase conversion of an online store

6. Apply the three-step method

Build and analyze customer purchase path. Make sure that there are only three steps needed from the moment they make the decision to the moment they click “pay”. Make it possible to order goods without creating an account or logging in. Require providing minimal amounts of personal data to ensure that customers are more willing to fill in various forms. Just let them shop peacefully.

7. Emphasize features that make you stand out from the crowd

What’s your USP? Why is somebody supposed to purchase something from you and not from your market rivals or brick and mortar stores? Do you focus on efficient delivery? Or maybe you sell unique, regional products that aren’t available anywhere else? What about special offers for elderly buyers? Is your product range comprehensive and wide? Display all your unique features and show potential customers what makes you stand out from the crowd to ensure that they stay with you for longer.

8. Provide various payment and delivery methods

A person who has never shopped online before can be afraid to make a transfer and may prefer to pay on delivery. Some people prefer parcel lockers instead of courier deliveries. Everyone is different and chooses various delivery and payment methods. The more solutions you offer, the better. Moreover, try to keep shipping costs as low as possible or offer free delivery over a certain amount. High delivery costs can really deter users.

When do the viewers turn into e-commerce customers?

Nurture your leads, encourage users to take action, take care of appropriate positions in the search results, and refine your customer service. Thanks to it, you’ll improve your conversion rate and turn recipients into customers. We keep our fingers crossed for the development of your online store - may the power of e-commerce conversion be with you!
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Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

Logo Delante

Delante is an online marketing agency specialized in generating website traffic from search engines and paid ads (SEO / SEM). Over 80% of our clients are from rapidly growing e-commerce industry.


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