10 Ways to Keep Your Customers on Your Website

10 Ways to Keep Your Customers on Your Website
15 November 2019
The short and simple answer can be “keep your customers engaged”. You see, engaged website visitors are more likely to become your buyers than just your fans or content consumers. So, learning how to keep customers on your website is also learning how to keep them engaged.

Here are 10 Ways to Keep Your Customers on Your Website:

  • Publish Fresh, Engaging, & Super Useful Content
  • Make Your Content More Scannable
  • Link to Related Resources or the How-To Content on Your Website
  • Include Engaging Videos
  • Encourage Your Customers to Answer a Quick Poll or Quiz
  • Allow Your Customers to Connect with You Via Chat
  • Make Sure Your Website Loads Fast
  • Give Out Delightful Freebies
  • Add a Clear Call-to-Action
  • Make Sure Your Thank-You Pages Include Helpful Content
Now, before we dig deeper into each of these tips, let’s clarify your goal as a business and website owner: your primary goal is to make sure that you convert the one-time website visitors into customers because 70% to 96% of people who abandon your website will never return. So, to achieve your goal, you have to make your visitors stick around to read your content, which will convince them to become your loyal customers. You see, the more you can keep your website visitors engaged, the longer they will stay, and the higher the chance you have to convert them as your customers. So, start optimizing what they consume first - your website content.

1. Publish Fresh, Engaging, & Super Useful Content

Publishing fresh content on your blog sends a signal to the search engines, especially Google,  that your website is being taken care of, and that you are still in the game. So, they will continue indexing your web pages and show your website to your ideal customers whenever they are searching for the kind of products and services you offer. So, make sure that you publish fresh content regularly - we recommend that you create new, engaging, and helpful content at least once a week. You see, having a well-updated blog is one of the greatest ways to engage your website visitors. A study by the Content Marketing Institute revealed that businesses with blogs, no matter how small or new, get 126% more leads than bigger enterprises that don’t have a blog. Now, if you continually provide super useful content like “how-to” and other tutorials related to your niche, your visitors will perceive your website as a trusted resource and as an authority in your field. So, whenever they want to learn something new about the products you sell or the services you offer, they will immediately flock to your blog for help… and eventually, buy from you. Pro Tip: make your content easy to read - chunk your paragraphs into 2 to 4 lines, and don’t forget to include eye-catching related images to keep them scrolling down for more visual content.

2. Make Your Content More Scannable

The Eye-Tracking research from Missouri University of Science & Technology revealed that most website visitors spend 5.59 seconds on average to look at a website’s content - this means that not everyone will read your content word for word because people tend to scan a web page just to gather relevant information or phrases. So, if you like writing big blocks of text that are hard to scan, expect that your website visitors won’t stay longer to read your content. They will abandon your website to find other sources with content that’s easier to consume. So, here are some actionable steps you can do to make your content more scannable:
  • Mind your content’s readability - use a uniformed line space and font size that are large enough for your visitors to read easily, helping them avoid eye strain.
  • Break your content into chunks - texts without visual breaks are too much for the readers’ eyes. Make your content scannable by keeping most of your paragraphs within 2 to 4 short sentences.
  • Insert engaging subheadings - subheadings don’t just help you provide the necessary visual breaks in your content, but they can also pique a reader’s curiosity, which will keep them from losing interest and from leaving your website.
  • Utilize bulleted lists - lists make your content even more scannable because they can stand out from the rest of the text in your content. Plus, lists help readers scan the necessary points quickly.

3. Link to Related Resources or the How-To Content on Your Website

Suggesting related resources on your site is one of the super simple yet effective ways to keep visitors on your website - it will encourage them to click through, increasing their engagement to your content. Also, linking to how-to content and other related resources will keep your visitors stay longer on your website while increasing your web page traffic (see how I linked that to a related resource?) and pageviews. Remember that the longer a website visitor stays, the more likely that person is to buy.

4. Include Engaging Videos

It’s no secret that plenty of website visitors would rather watch videos than read the entire text on your content. Also, one marketing statistics show that businesses that use videos have grown their revenue up to 49% faster than those that don’t leverage video content. Therefore, give your visitors more content variety and make sure to include engaging videos. Pro Tip: to create video content, you can utilize the live streaming on your social media pages and embed the recorded stream on your website after you make a blog post out of it. Or you can simply recreate your text-based content into tutorial or presentation videos. learn how to keep customers on your website by including engaging videos on your content

5. Encourage Your Customers to Answer a Quick Poll or Quiz

Contrary to popular belief, most people love online polls and quizzes. So, don’t shy away from creating a quick poll, quiz, or customer feedback popup. Most importantly, these simple engagement tactics can help your business grow by somehow understanding the needs and opinions of your ideal customers - helping you gather information about what your website visitors are looking for and get feedback on how your products and services are doing for them. Also, short polls and quizzes will not only help you engage your customers to your website, but they will also decrease your bounce rate. Plus, you can choose to ask for their email address before revealing the results - another brilliant way of growing your email list!

6. Allow Your Customers to Connect with You Via Chat

Having the chat option on your website is like telling your customer that your business is all-accommodating and that they can always rely on you to have their questions answered promptly and with ease. The chat function can come so handy for customers who don’t want to wait for callbacks or email response. The chatbox can be a super essential customer service tool, especially when your visitor is thinking of leaving your website. When they see the chatbox hovering with a person’s name and photo (not a robot), they will most likely engage with you first rather than clicking away from your site - helping you keep visitors on your website and converting them into loyal customers. There are plenty of website chatbox functions to choose from - consult your digital marketing expert about it.

7. Make Sure Your Website Loads Fast

Remember this: it doesn’t matter if you have the most well-crafted headline or the best content ever written yet. If your website loads slow, your site visitors will abandon your page and go somewhere else. A study revealed that 40% of website visitors would leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So, here’s a couple of actionable steps you can follow to help your website load faster:
  • Compress your web page images - images can often affect a web page’s loading time. So, reduce the size of unnecessarily large images using free image compressors online.
  • Consider using a CDN - Content Delivery Network (CDN) is such leverage, especially if your ideal customers are located all over the world. A CDN is comprised of multiple servers functioning in different locations around the globe to reduce the loading time of your website in various locations.
: keep visitors on your website using a CDN

8. Give Out Delightful Freebies

Freebies are some of the most engaging elements you can add when learning how to keep customers on your website. Freebies don’t just help you build your email list and promote your existing or new products and services, but they can also help you build trust and authority as your website visitors get to know your business better through your free ebook, a free trial, free shipping, or voucher code. Then, you will eventually convert these visitors into paying customers.

9. Add a Clear Call-to-Action

Your call-to-action (CTA) is one of the factors that will help keep visitors on your website. So, it should be clearly stated whether you want them to take advantage of a promo code for a limited time offer of a product that you sell, or subscribe to your newsletter, or encourage them to request a price quote for the service that you offer, or book a call or meeting you. Whatever it is, your CTA should be clear and concise.

10. Make Sure Your Thank-You Pages Include Helpful Content

People who have engaged with your call-to-action will most likely leave your website. So, keep visitors on your website by including helpful content on your thank-you pages - let them click-through related products and services, as well as tutorial content. If you do so, your thank-you page will become more than just a thank-you or confirmation page; it will also become a great treat of resources as support to your customers - marking the turning point of a cold lead to a warm lead. So, go ahead and highlight relevant and useful content available on your website. Or you can upsell a related product or bundle package if you run an e-commerce store. A well-optimized thank-you page will not only help you keep your website visitors even more engaged - it will also help you keep customers on your website while increasing your revenue per customer.

Final Thoughts

Remember that learning how to keep customers on your website is also learning how to keep them engaged. Engaged Visitors = Customers.
Keeping these visitors engaged is probably one of the essential things that you need to do as a business and website owner. Engaged people are more likely to buy your products, promote your services, and read your emails and blog posts. There are plenty of ways to keep visitors on your website and keep them engaged, marketing methods that are not mentioned in this post. If you want to get your website traffic and engagement well taken care of, talk to the experts today.
Mateusz Calik
Mateusz Calik

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