Apple’s Secret Development of “Apple GPT” AI Chatbot Intensifies Tech Competition

Apple’s Secret Development of “Apple GPT” AI Chatbot Intensifies Tech Competition
20 July 2023
After the huge success of OpenAI's ChatGPT (and, to a lesser extent, Bard), rumors have emerged about a “missing player” in this field. Apple GPT, as it is referred to, is allegedly being developed in secret.

In a significant tech revelation, Apple is reportedly working on its very own AI chatbot named “Apple GPT” using its proprietary framework, Ajax. This secret project could potentially disrupt the existing AI chatbot landscape on the App Store and revolutionize how users interact with technology.

Apple – As Always – Prioritizing Integration

One of the most significant aspects of “Apple GPT” is its seamless integration into multiple Apple platforms, including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS. Users may access the advanced chatbot capabilities effortlessly using their Apple ID, eliminating the need for third-party applications.

Ajax takes the stage

Although specific details about “Apple GPT” remain scarce, it is built on the foundation of Apple’s AI framework, Ajax. This generative AI chatbot aims to rival the offerings of big tech companies like Meta and Google, which are also actively pursuing similar advancements in the AI space.

Meta and Google at Risk? — Apple’s AI Advancements Pose a Threat

If Apple successfully brings “Apple GPT” to fruition, it could have far-reaching consequences for existing AI chatbots. This move signals an intensification of the ongoing AI arms race among tech giants, with each aiming to dominate the burgeoning AI chatbot market. We have already met Bard and Chat GPT – how can Apple’s AI surprise us?

Apple AI Reportedly Empowered by Siri Data

Apple’s privacy policy for Siri and Dictation has raised eyebrows, hinting at the possibility of using data, such as transcripts from Siri interactions, to train and enhance the AI models powering their services. While Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, expressed interest in the potential of ChatGPT technology, he also highlighted concerns about potential biases and misinformation. We can speculate that Apple will indeed lean towards leveraging data from Siri to provide users with more accurate, “human-like” responses.

Apple AI – What’s Next?

The release schedule for “Apple GPT” remains unknown, but considering the intensity of the competition, we can expect to learn more in the coming months. While consumers eagerly await further updates, the tech world holds its breath in anticipation of the next significant leap in AI innovations from Apple.

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