Is the Newest ‘Helpful Content’ Algorithm Update by Google Really Helpful?

Is the Newest ‘Helpful Content’ Algorithm Update by Google Really Helpful?

On August 18, 2022, Google announced launching Helpful Content Algorithm Update that aims at sorting people-first content from the texts written primarily for search engines. With this update, Google is also introducing a new site-wide signal that plays an important role in evaluating and ranking web content.

How does Google’s Helpful Content Algorithm Work?

This update is actually an entirely-automated classifier process that is based on machine learning. In two weeks’ time, it’s supposed to scan entire websites to evaluate the published articles. If the robots identify the content as not helpful, having little value or simply thin, the entire website ranking may suffer.

For a website to rank high, its content needs to be rewarded by Google robots with a high overall score. This suggests that removing articles that add little value to the searchers may actually help a website perform better in SERP.

According to Delante SEO and R&D Specialist – Wojciech Urban:

“Since this update is going to roll out in two weeks, the effect it has on web content won’t be seen overnight. However, from what I assume, the English and Spanish websites will be the first to get affected.”

He also addressed the issue of AI generated content in relation to Helpful Content Algorithm Update:

“In my opinion, people using AI to create some of their web content shouldn’t be worried that much. From what I’ve learned so far, AI is impressively good at writing valuable, or at least semi-valuable articles that people actually enjoy reading and find helpful. Sadly, the same can’t be said for human-written texts that fulfill just one function – get noticed by search engines. These are pretty common, aren’t they?”

Wojciech Urban
Wojciech Urban
SEO and R&D Specialist at Delante

Should You Be Worried About Google’s Helpful Content Algorithm Update?

The good news is that those who publish value-adding and original articles on their websites should sleep peacefully. The others, however, may expect traffic loss as Google robots won’t find any cogent reason to show thin or ‘empty’ content to their users.

It’s also worth noting that extra points will be given to those websites that manage to provide a searcher with all the information they intended to find. How is this going to be measured?

Simply by checking if a Google user keeps searching for the same information on other websites, or if they feel completely satisfied with what they find in just one place.

How Can You Use Google’s Helpful Content Algorithm Update to Your Advantage?

The truth is, this Google update may actually bring you more benefits than hurt your site. The key is to provide the users with highly-valuable information they seek. You can do this by keeping in mind a few simple rules given by Google, which can be summarized with these 5 points:

  • if possible, use only original information that hasn’t been published anywhere else
  • avoid using unverified data, better stick to factually correct information
  • do your best to give your users everything they are looking for, so that they don’t look for it anywhere else, which leads us to another issue that is
  • give up on clickbaits, and of course
  • try not to bloviate
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