Key Changes to DSA Campaigns

Key Changes to DSA Campaigns
24 August 2023
Google is constantly updating the Performance Max campaigns' features. What has been added this time? Read this news and learn that!

Important Dynamic Search Ads Performance Max Update

In August 2023, Google has introduced a crucial change to DSA campaigns. After upgrading to Performance Max, it is now possible to save the Dynamic Ad Target Settings throughout the campaigns. What’s more, it is also possible to exclude URLs and set up exclusion rules.

All you need to do is enter the campaign settings section, page feeds subsection, and you can proceed with excluding the URLs or creating the rules.

What do These Changes Mean?

The possibility to create and maintain URL exclusions rules gives us more control over the websites to which the users are directed. As a result, it allows us to create much more effective advertising campaigns that are more successful at achieving marketing objectives.

Getting into the topic further, this update may be the first sign indicating what marketers have been discussing for quite some time – Performance Max slowly taking the place of DSA. Google has already been encouraging users to upgrade, and considering the new functions added to the former, it is quite probable that this is yet another step towards the shift.

Karolina Pyznar SEM Delante
Karolina Pyznar

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A Management graduate and currently a student of Economics at the Cracow University of Economics. She started her adventure at Delante with an SEM internship in December 2021. She currently holds the position of Junior SEM Specialist. Her special interest from the professional angle is Internet marketing, and she is no stranger to Google market changes. Privately, she enjoys traveling, sport, especially gym.

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