Facebook Ads Introduces the “Show Nearby Stores” Feature



Facebook Ads Introduces the “Show Nearby Stores” Feature
10 October 2023
Facebook Ads has introduced a new "show nearby stores" ad feature. How exactly will it work? We have described everything below.



Operation of the New Feature

One of the newest options “show nearby stores” is now available on selected accounts in Facebook Ads at the ad level. When this feature is activated, a map with the nearest store location will appear in the form of a carousel ad. It will be seen by people who are in the neighborhood of a particular location.

Still in the Testing Phase

The effectiveness of this feature is still being tested by Facebook Ads. At this point, it only displays in about half of the ads. It is worth watching this new feature.

New "show nearby stores" feature in Facebok Ads
Source: Facebook Ads Panel
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