More Control Over Standard Enhancements in Facebook Ads



More Control Over Standard Enhancements in Facebook Ads
11 October 2023
Facebook Ads has introduced an update giving you the ability to choose which standard improvements to Advantage+ ad materials you want to use.



What Does the New Change Bring?

Meta update improves ad optimization with new functionality. Previously, a single slider was responsible for enabling or excluding all standard enhancements in Advantage+ ad materials. It has now been replaced by an “Edit” button, which allows you to decide to implement only selected improvements.

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Types of Standard Enhancements

With the new option, it is possible to select individual standard improvements. Among them, we distinguish:

  • Message template – displays a banner with text together with selected advertising materials in situations where it can improve results
  • Improved visual materials – automatic adjustment of the aspect rate and brightness and contrast of the advertising material, designed to improve the visual layer of advertising and its effectiveness
  • Text enhancements – typed text can be displayed as the main text, heading, or description
  • Relevant comments – automatically display the most relevant comments under Facebook and Instagram ads

Source: Facebook Ads Panel

Source: Facebook Ads Panel

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