New Google Feature – Learn More About the Web Page

New Google Feature – Learn More About the Web Page

Recently, Google introduced a new option for US and English searches. It allows you to take a closer look at the web pages displayed in the SERP. What information about a source can you get? Keep reading to find out!

Where Can You Find the New Google Feature?

Type in a query into the search engine as usual. Next to the address of a given page (above the Meta Title), you will find three dots.

learn more about a web page feature

When you click on them the panel with a short summary will appear:

learn more about the source feature

You will get even more information after going to the “More about this page” section. It’s a separate subpage where the search engine will redirect you.

What Will You Learn Thanks to the New Feature?

There you will find a section “About the source”. The content largely depends on the analyzed page. You can find there:

  • Description: source description based on Google’s Knowledge Graph.
  • In their own words: description that Google will try to find directly on the page. Robots will automatically read content from the “About us” tab. However, there is a small “but” here – the content must meet specific requirements. The subpage needs an appropriate URL, text that actually describes what the site is about is written in English, and is indexable.
  • Platform information: in this section, you can find information about some social media accounts connected to a given site.
  • Site first indexed by Google: when Google first indexed the site.
  • Web results about the source: other web results on the source – what other sites are saying about the domain.

learn more about the web page source

We can find more information about the source in the “About the topic” section:

  • Top news: high-quality headlines from various sources regarding the topic related to the analyzed page. Sources such as videos, local news, FAQs, comments, etc. can be posted there.
  • Related results: other results on the same topic. These can include a combination of news articles, research, or shopping sites.

learn more about the topic feature

What Does Google Say About This New Feature?

The official Google announcement says:

When you evaluate information on the web, experts recommend that you review the source of a page and search for information about their background or perspective.

This solution is therefore a response to these recommendations by making it easier for users to verify the sources they use.

The “beta” designation means that this feature is currently being tested and it’s not available in other languages yet.

Check out what Google has to say about your site!

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