New Google Helpful Content Update Is Out Now

New Google Helpful Content Update Is Out Now
07 December 2022
On December 5, 2022, Google released another helpful content update. It’s supposed to be rolling out for the next two weeks to eventually improve the helpful content system that Google first introduced in August this year.
The helpful content system was brought into existence to facilitate finding unique and valuable content created primarily for internet users rather than search engines. When the content ranking system was first introduced, it mainly analyzed English content. Now, however, Google confirmed the algorithm has expanded to all languages. It’s also assumed that Google helpful content update analyzes and evaluates more signals than it did when it was first rolling out a few months back. Thus, it’s expected to be better at rewarding human-first articles. [embed][/embed]

What Does Helpful Content Update Mean for Website Owners?

The helpful content system is created to find and reward pieces of writing that Google users consider useful, informative, entertaining - in general when they feel the content shown on their screens matches and fully satisfies their search intent. After all, fulfilling users’ search intent is the ultimate goal of Google. The company has always been clear about its striving to help its users find the right pieces of information effortlessly. This means that if a particular piece of content:
  • doesn’t resonate well with the searchers
  • isn’t original
  • isn’t people-first
  • is AI-generated
then it’s highly doubtful it’ll make it to the top of SERP. The more such content is published within one domain, the higher the chance of the helpful content system negatively affecting the website, pushing it down the SERP.

Will Google Helpful Content Update Mess Up with Content Visibility?

Those who publish unique and insightful articles should sleep soundly. However, those who think some pieces of their content may not meet Google’s approval (e.g. the value-adding quality is doubtful), should consider removing them from their sites. Doing so may have a positive impact on the overall content visibility. At least, this is what Google seems to suggest in one of their blog posts on Google Search’s helpful content system.
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