Google Introduced Continuous Scroll for Desktop Search Results

Google Introduced Continuous Scroll for Desktop Search Results
08 December 2022
It’s time to say goodbye to pages on Google. Search results on desktops will be similar to mobile from now on, we’ll see much more results by just keeping scrolling. What does it mean for your website and business? Keep reading to find out!

What is Continuous Scroll?

Continuous scrolling allows users to smoothly scroll through results without clicking the next page. We know this mechanism from platforms such as Instagram or Twitter. Search results will load automatically and we will see more of them at once than ever before.

Why not an infinite scroll you ask?

Well, because the scroll will eventually stop. After six pages, we will have to click to see more results.

This update is part of Google’s effort to continuously bring more helpful results to users and eliminate any friction.

“… we’re bringing continuous scrolling to desktop so you can continue to see more helpful search results with fewer clicks. It’s now even easier to get inspired with more information at your fingertips.

Now, when you scroll down you’ll continue to find relevant results so that you can discover new ideas. When you reach the bottom of a search results page, up to six pages of results will be automatically shown until you see a “More results” button if you wish to continue further.” – Google for Search Engine Journal

So far, this update is only available for users in the U.S. and English search results.

How Might Continous Scroll Affect Your Business

Continuous scroll might help you become more visible to users as they will see far more results before clicking the next page. Fortunately, this won’t affect reporting since Google Search Console shows positions and not pages.

Continuous scroll has been already introduced to mobile results last year and Google guaranteed that it will not have any impact on reports:

Since the Search On event, Google is introducing more and more changes to the result page. This is probably not the last one, so keep your eyes open and be ready to adapt.

Ania Żur

Junior Marketing Specialist

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