PPC Weekly News Review – #2 June 2024



PPC Weekly News Review – #2 June 2024d-tags
14 June 2024
Check out what's new in the world of PPC! Functional new features in Google Ads, Meta Ads and Google Merchant Center, and Google Ads integration with Canva!



New Options in Meta Ads Targeting

When adding an audience group in Meta Ads, two tabs appear allowing you to view available interests, behaviors, and demographics, highlighting either the most relevant groups or those with the largest size.

New options in Meta Ads targeting

source: Meta Ads Panel

What does this mean for you?

Thanks to the update in detailed targeting options, after introducing the initial audience groups, suggestions for other groups will be displayed, which can significantly facilitate further targeting.

Creating and Managing Google Ads Campaigns in Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center now allows you to manage and create new Google Ads campaigns directly from its panel by navigating to the “Marketing” section and then to “Advertising Campaigns.”

Google Ads campaigns in Merchant Center

source: Google Merchant Center Panel

What does this mean for you?

In addition to the option to create a new campaign, you can view all active product and Performance Max campaigns, as well as the set budgets and statistics within a selected time frame, such as ad clicks, ad conversions, cost, and cost per conversion.

Removal of the Old Google Ads Interface

Google announces that as of August 30, 2024, the old Google Ads interface will no longer be available, obligating everyone to use the new version of the panel, which has been available for some time.

What does this mean for you?

If you are still using the older version of the Google Ads interface, it is advisable to switch to the newer version now to get accustomed to the slightly changed layout. The refreshed interface features five main sections on the left side: Campaigns, Goals, Tools, Billing, and Admin.

Integration of Google Ads with Canva

Canva now offers design templates specifically created for graphics and videos intended for Performance Max campaigns in Google Ads. Additionally, integrating Canva with the Google Ads application enables direct exporting of designs to the linked account.

Google Ads templates in Canva

source: Canva

What does this mean for you?

The collaboration between the two platforms can significantly simplify and speed up the process of creating and utilizing graphics and videos for Google Ads campaigns. Prepared templates with appropriate dimensions can be easily customized to fit your vision and needs.

Read more about the available options here.

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